Multi Level Marketing – Chicago Matters WTTW (Robert L. FitzPatrick)

Chicago Matters investigates Multi Level Marketing. Scam? EZ Wealth By Design is covered here.
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  1. Tyson Jones says:

    The interview at the end is incorrect. The figures he is quoting from Robert L. FitzPatrick and Jon. M. Taylor P.h.D. are that 99% of those involved with product based MLMs lose money. Flat out Ponzi schemes which have no product have a 88.19% as compared to Amway with a 99.99% loss rate, or Nu Skin’s 99.94% loss rate. THE PRODUCT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PROBLEM. THE PROBLEM IS IN THE STRUCTURE OF THE MLM.It is a classical red´╗┐ herring fallacy to point to wards the value of the product.

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