Multi-Level Marketing? (2/2)

From Amway to Avon, millions of Americans have made it with multi-level marketing. Should you be one of them? (Part 2 of 2)
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  1. bo12117 says:

    I tried so many programs and spent so much money trying to find that 1 place to work from home.buying usless e books that were just trying to sell me stuff after I bought the ebook!! Anyways I do wok from home now and I am trying to stop people from spending money and stuff that does not work . send me a message for more info if you want

  2. pr30012 says:

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  3. bo12117 says:

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  4. General4474 says:


  5. Climb2win says:

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  6. sylvieborgstorm says:

    Interesting post. like it! =)

  7. foster2367 says:

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  8. alex6996able says:

    Guns don’t kill people; people kill people! Now all you stupid people out there who either have no clue about MLM or have failed in it to STOP with your stupid accusations that MLM is a pyramid or scam. Obviously you have no clue! So continue to do your average work and with you average life and be happy with it. Stop hating!

  9. TheChumichka says:

    The big possibilities for all. Wellcom to NSP.


  10. urdynamix1 says:

    MLM Works Best When The People Have Faith In The Product and The Product Gives People Useful Value In Return, Thats Where The Long Term Success Resides, It’s Also Not For Everybody.

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  12. foster2367 says:

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  13. ahansen290 says:

    Everyone has a story about MLM being a scam. Well in a good company that is based on performance you can’t go wrong. How many people start a job, get promised a raise or a commission and later find out it was all a big story? Everyone who has worked for a company has a story about getting cheated or a fellow employee gets canned and instead of hiring a new guy they save money by making you do his job without extra pay. Yet nobody is yelling scam or pyramid scheme. Ignorance is bliss:-)

  14. ahansen290 says:

    If people treated MLM like a job or a business you would see less negative posts. A bad salesman sells a product. a Good salesman sells inspiration. Products dont move people, people move products.

  15. ahansen290 says:

    poor people do not understand business. Poor people are not educated in financial literacy. If you understood the basics of business you would see the opportunity in Network Marketing. you poor people go to school get good grades and give up on your dreams.You do not even notice that the structure of every company is a pyramid. All big companies spend about half of the income on advertising. Instead of giving it to billboards radio and tv advertising they give it to people. I feel sorry 4 them

  16. PowwowTime says:

    The problem with many MLM’s is their lack of one or more of these qualities. Overpriced junk or obscure products nobody wants, outrageous volume requirements and high starting costs are what make people think “scam”. A successful business must have (1) high quality, high-demand products (2) pricing that’s competitive with retail store or online shopping (3) reasonable qualification policies and (4) low sign-up/start-up cost.

  17. dereksbooks says:

    You need to have a passion for crap. Most of the crap that these cons sell to you are overpriced garbage that most people do not NEED or WANT.

  18. DrSurprise says:

    I know someone in primerica which is a MLM and shes making good money that i’m jealous! i work at a movie theatre making minimum wage and she makes like a few thousand a month! At first I thought Primerica was a scam but my eyes opened to the truth. I feel stupid for thinking that it was a scam. This video is true in many aspects because MLM companies have a product to offer while ponzi schemes dont. Did Bernie Madoff have a product? Nope!

  19. BOGHEZ0023 says:

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  20. theRecONcile says:

    When I first joined USANA, I thought it was a good idea. But everyone I knew was against me, my family members and friends.

    Two words: pyramid scheme + bad + seduction = Multi-level marketing company.

  21. MrAmericanzombie says:

    Network marketing!?? You mean sales rep!!!

  22. matcotech says:

    It is a scam. Don’t buy any of this garbage. It is a pyramid scheme.

  23. jordandub23 says:

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  24. freepeoplenow says:

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  25. Steventk26 says:


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