Multi-Level Marketing? (1/2)

If you’ve ever been recruited by a friend or co-worker to sell Amway, Avon or any number of other products, you’ve had a brush with network marketing. But is it for you? (Part 1 of 2)

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  2. Emilyfeith says:

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  3. Climb2win says:

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  4. foster2367 says:

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  5. mindsetlifeset321 says:

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  6. jrajput says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble folks…MLM is for smart arses, who think they’ve worked it all out. By the time you relize it’s a load of horse shit, you’ve already givin a few years of your life to it, and lost some of your friends (collateral damage). Don’t worry if you fail at it though, as your supposed to! Yes that’s right! It’s a system that is designed to fail for 95% people in it. Don’t fall for this people, start something up on your own, a business or maybe a job…but DONT get involved,

  7. alvinchua91 says:

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  8. TheChumichka says:

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  9. djswer says:

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  10. RealMarketingMLM says:

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  12. mgt1109 says:

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  13. MegaMartip says:

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  14. foster2367 says:

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  17. sobeent says:

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  19. wirelessopp says:

    @RadaFrancis Very well said. You have to first become the kind of person you want to attract. The truth is you have to first DO what you want your team to do. The truth is that most people don’t stay in any business long enough to actually fail…they quit first (not the same thing in my opinion). Thank you for standing up and defending our industry. Most people don’t realize that these statistics tell lies. People can’t learn to join the 3% group by listening to the 97% who don’t know how.

  20. wirelessopp says:

    @fuckmania07 The new wave of companies have had such major success in solving that very problem you identified. Some industry leaders have finally realized that people need IMMEDIATE income for their efforts. Most people are reasonable and patient, but they do need to make reasonable profits for their time and work. The other reality is that a company has to have a product or service (and effective pricing) that can stand on it’s own without the opportunity. My current company accomplished that.

  21. wirelessopp says:

    @khmrdreamieboix There’s a new wave spreading right now to solve the very problem you wisely pointed out. Industry leaders have realized that people need immediate income potential and have designed a new wave of compensation plans that put more focus on immediate weekly income. For example, my current company pays $300 for recruiting and getting a new agent off the ground while offering the best pricing available for a true necessity based product. MLM is very effective when structured right.

  22. jacobarmstrong1 says:

    You realize youre simply part of the vast majority of people who know nothing about MLM yet continue to deem it a pyramid scheme or a scam? By entering into an MLM market, you’re starting your own business, and if you put in the work hours, you will succeed. The problem is that tons of people get into MLM, don’t put in the work, then claim that it’s a scam because they lost their initial investment. Why are you even watching videos like this if you don’t want to “play the game”

  23. jacobarmstrong1 says:

    if anyone is looking for a good network marketing opportunity, energy was just deregulated in many states so you can get commission on selling energy.

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  24. afifboy1993 says:


  25. RadaFrancis says:

    Don’t just work for a company.. because if that company seizes to exist so will your business. Brand yourself, help people out, learn learn learn and teach other people. It’s the only way to have masses of people following YOU not the other way around.

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