Mountain Dew “History” by Buck

Produced by: Buck Creative Directors: Thomas Schmid, Orion Tait Head of Production: Kate Treacy Producer : Erica Hirshfeld Assistant Producer : Kitty Dillard Production Coordinator : Kevin Hall Art Direction : Thomas Schmid 3d Animation Director : Joshua Harvey Technical Director : Paul America Illustrator : Josh Cochran Illustrator : Thomas Schmid Cel Animation Director : Aaron Augenblick Cel Character Animation : Augenblick Studios 3d Animator : Joshua Harvey 3d Animator : David Soto 3d Animator : Adam Pearlman 3d Animator : Morgan James 3d Animator : Jeff Su Cel Animator : Pete McDonald Cel Animator : Joe Mullen Compositor : Conrad Ostwald Compositor : Emmet Dzieza Designer : Ben Langsfeld Designer : Yker Moreno Editor : Sam Goetz Music Composer: Adam Schlesinger Additional Music Arrangement: Jared Gutstadt Actor : Thomas Schmid Client: Pepsi-Cola Company Product: Mountain Dew Executive Producer, Pepsi Co: Barry Rosen Director, Mountain Dew: Marisol Tamaro Senior Manager, Mountain Dew: Brett O’Brien Manager, Mountain Dew: Lisa Grey
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. Chy A says:

    whats the real name of this song, i wanna downlaod it and play warhawk to it lol

  2. sebbko says:

    amazing good video!!! one of our favorites!

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