MotherLover (Ep 1 of 6)

WATCH EVERY EPISODE HERE! www.youtube.com By sharing this episode through Blayze, you can win prizes from the cast and crew of “MOTHERLOVER”! Win rewards such as a Google Hangout with the cast, t-shirts, and exclusive content. This competition on Blayze runs from October 2nd until October 30th. Winners will be notified via email early November. Go to: blayze.com YOMYOMF Network’s new comedy webseries from executive producers the RUSSO BROTHERS (“COMMUNITY,” “HAPPY ENDINGS,” upcoming “CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER”). Tim returns home from the Peace Corps to find that his best friend Chaz has married his mother. Now the two friends must live under one roof after one has broken the number one rule in bro code: don’t marry your bro’s mom. EP1: Tim (Jonathan Lipnicki) comes back from two years in the PeaceCorps to find that his best friend Chaz (Ki Hong Lee), and his mother Angela (Carolyn Hennesy) are getting married. Neither his friends nor his father Bart (Joel Murray), warned him and he steps into the situation on their wedding day. “MOTHERLOVER” airs Tuesdays at 8PM EST only on the YOMYOMF Network. The YOMYOMF Network is based on the pop culture blog, You Offend Me You Offend My Family, founded by director JUSTIN LIN (BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, FAST FIVE). Other partners include top YouTube personalities RYAN HIGA, KEVJUMBA and CHESTER SEE. Check out the channel and subscribe at www.youtube.com Stay up to date on shows and events on our Twitter, Facebook and Blog! www
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Emma Lanley says:

    When the mice are away…the cat will screw the mom!

  2. NickyyLauriexoxo says:

    The kid from stuart little!?  …

  3. Seung Son says:

    omg this is gold

  4. brickey16 says:

    damn this really needs to be a tv show!

  5. TheYusufPatel says:

    the mother comes in the new anger management right?

  6. Sharlei Leard says:

    I can never watch Stuart little the same again..

  7. miisspouuchh says:


  8. arithorn2000 says:

    I just saw Jonathan L in stuart Little. Seeing this and then him in that is kind of mentally scarring.

  9. faktard7g says:

    Ki hong has an eye smileee so cute~~

  10. DoofusInc says:

    Isn’t Tim’s mom the good-looking Sharon Osbourne from True Blood?

  11. cuddlebeast21 says:

    KiHong is Soo cute. Lol. And he’s funny. <3

  12. Lorrie Imbus says:

    Came here for KiHong and discovered that Jonathan Lipnicki is here too!! OMG!

  13. Jaclyn Lam says:

    its barb!

  14. Miles Quiroz says:

    This had the funniest quotes!

  15. Seth Trocio says:

    Hes the guy from Stuart Little! ._.

  16. Delleisha Hylton says:

    i knoooww i freaked out

  17. AppleBee1992 says:

    YES YOMYOMF, KEEP COMING WITH THIS! Just those stupid penis jokes are not funny, thought we were past that? My Asian boyfriend has a rude penis. 😛

  18. colie563 says:

    This is delightfully wrong.

  19. Félix Vandal says:

    This guy from little stuart..o.O

  20. Har Olivar says:

    This is weirdly awesome 🙂 HAHAHAHA

  21. shawngetwomen says:

    The mom is from the stupid Disney channel show Jessie

  22. Emmagro says:

    OMG! It’s the guy from Stuart Little, I couldn’t figure out where he was from!

  23. pinky211996 says:

    isnt the chirain guy from wong fu pojo

  24. YOMYOMFnetwork says:

    hahaa =) you’re not old!!

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