Most Inspirational Speech Ever Made

A Shortened version of the Popular , “Most Inspirational Speech Ever” video I did a few weeks ago. In this video, I argue how we should go back to our traditional ways of living instead of through the confines of a socially networked society linked throughout cyberspace. This is what I call, “Bringing back the old”. In this very eye opening video, I cover how the overabundance of social technology is damaging our personal relationships, friendships, and our real life social connections and what we can all do to change it. At certain points, this video will reference the Roman times, the Industrial Revolution, America in the 1920’s and 30’s, and other key points in our history in order to display how far we’ve changed as a species from the basic human principals of co-existing. I hope you guys enjoy it. It’s as real as I can get and I hope it’ll take us into 2012 with a new outlook on life. Thank you. -Jarett Special thanks to Karl Hellmann Jr. and Tim Ceska for their ongoing support of my cause. Many more names to thank as well. Music: “Time” by Hanz Zimmer www.foxnews.com I hope this gets seen on: “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “The Ellen Show”, “Good Morning America on ABC”, “The Today Show on NBC”, “Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC”, “David Letterman”, “Oprah Winfrey Show on OWN”, “CNN”, “FOX”, “NBC”, “Dancing With the Stars”, “X Factor”, “American Idol”

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  1. BullnBearAnalytics says:

    @HarveyHopkins Watch the full version, this is a shortened version for those who prefer a shorter length. Thank you.

  2. HarveyHopkins says:

    @BullnBearAnalytics This video is hardly a story about your personal journey as there are no relevant anecdotes or details about your journey.

  3. BullnBearAnalytics says:

    @HarveyHopkins This isn’t a scholarly report, HarveyHopkins, it’s one man’s personal journey as an end-user of social technology and how it has affected not only my life, but the lives around me.

  4. HarveyHopkins says:

    Dude you romanticize the past demonize the present and warn about the future. Social networking is what’s keeping us from exploring reality and “making things with our hands” ? You’re all over the place in this speech and you don’t tie your points together. The only thing I know for sure after watching this video is that you don’t like social networking. Where is evidence that social networking is causing meaningful harm? I don’t think there is any.

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