Moneyball | Brad Pitt Movie Review

Could Moneyball be the perfect sports film for geeks? With Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and writer Aaron Sorkin, Moneyball certainly has the star power to be the Social Network of sports films, but can a movie about number crunching baseball be riveting entertainment? Alex, Dan, and Jeff step up to the plate to see if this American pastime flick is a home run. LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE This Video! Never Miss an Episode- Subscribe For Daily Videos: www.youtube.com More Episodes: www.youtube.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Alex’s Twitter: twitter.com Dan’s Twitter: twitter.com Jeff’s Twitter: twitter.com ABOUT TOTALLY RAD SHOW: The Totally Rad Show is the summer blockbuster of geek news shows. Every week, hosts Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg, and Jeff Cannata rip into the world of movies, video games, tv, comics, and more and pull out what’s rad.

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  1. sunshinepeaceblack says:

    how did you guys get netfix to sponsor you?

  2. Cajetasoproductions says:

    3 maricones hablando mierda.

  3. Jerome Zero says:

    Dan Jeff and Alex, If you have ever heard of “The Angry Video Game Nerd” on YouTube he is freaking awesome! He has over 700 thousand Subscribers to his channel.
    His fans donated 110 thousand dollars to HIM so that he can make a movie that he wrote up which revolves around the great E.T. land fill, you should defiantly check him out some time

  4. MsPROOFthatGODexists says:


  5. baseballboy1545 says:

    Anyway best baseball movie I’ve ever seen, go history

  6. baseballboy1545 says:

    When the guy on the left said “my girlfriend” was he talking about the guy on the right?

  7. afin85 says:

    you can go back to tv and watch ads every 5 minutes. I hate people like you that expect everything to be free online

  8. Benedanti says:

    Oh Yea Two N’s one T, long live Cannata

  9. dvdjjl says:

    Well, the skip ad option isn’t working and I’m not sitting through a 4 minute ad so, see ya.

  10. psinno says:

    Probably 🙂 Just me being me centric. Happens to the best of us.

  11. totallyradshow says:

    We had to change uploading time to 6am, sorry about that! I hope you’ll still watch

  12. martarangafe says:

    say mañana dan

  13. Nick Nicksan says:

    Hahaha Jeff in the end, oh Jeff you get me every time.
    “Who sent this in?”
    “Im questioning this one”
    “That doesnt even sound like a real person”
    “If your going to believe what jizzem sends in”

  14. hankstervil says:

    he said juvenile

  15. Jesse Skelton says:

    0:53 “of money balls joke fail”

  16. Deadmansparty2002 says:

    I saw the film at TIFF and enjoyed it. 🙂

  17. 2nd3rd1st says:

    All I can think is ‘Bunnymaul’ when I read the title, my brain works that way…

  18. 2nd3rd1st says:

    Catchy shit that is, indeed!

  19. RyanRightN0w says:

    How is it different from all other sports movies???

    It’s not.

  20. psinno says:

    They should go back to uploading these on time so I can watch them when I wake up.

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