Mobile Websites – 3 Reasons to make a mobile website

3 Reasons To Mobilize Your Site Now, see the full report here: digitalmarketer.com Chances are, you’ve been meaning to re-launch a more mobile friendly version of your site for quite a while now. Well, we’ve pulled together three super compelling reasons to mobilize your content. One of them, ironically enough, actually has to do with a very popular tablet device with an even hotter name. 1. At least 33% of smartphone users have made a purchase on their device. By the end of the holiday season this number will be much higher. 2. Mobile traffic is projected to make up 7% of all US commerce by 2016, according to this awesome infographic from Mashable. That’s a cool B, folks. Not only that, but tablet users convert 33-66% better than those who visit on a PC. 3. Smartphone and tablet sales are only gaining momentum. Smartphones now make up 59% of all US handset sales, up 13% from last year. By early 2012, 58 million Americans will own a tablet device. Most of these will be iPads, although the Kindle Fire has been the best-selling product on Amazon for over 8 weeks. DM lab members check out our raw training video, Mobilizing Your Content: How To Tap Into What Is One Of The Most Misunderstood Sources Of Traffic Today, taught by mobile expert Laura Betterly. For more great information, strategies and marketing insights, please subscribe to our RSS feed or like us on Facebook to join our community. digitalmarketer.com
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