Mobile Data Traffic Forecast 2011

learn more @ www.cisco.com How Fast Are We Connecting? The story of world wide data growth in the mobile marketplace and the future of video. 26X. That’s the amount of increase in traffic the global mobile internet is going to have over a 5 year span from 2010 to 2015, as forecast by the latest iteration of the Cisco Visual Networking Index. VNI Global Mobile Data Forecast Growth As many of you long time readers know there are few things that get me as excited as this data because: 1. While we read about point announcements here or new services there, this gives context to us all and allows us to look at the “forest” vs. just the “trees”. 2. Our customers really, really (is it overdoing it to say “really” again) like this data, which gives us an opportunity to showcase just one of the ways that we strive to be not just a vendor but a partner to them, and it’s always great to spend more time with them. 3. The data is the result of a great team that I am proud to be a part of as well as data feeds from not just third party industry analysts whose forecasts we incorporate, but also that of contributions of over 390000 people worldwide feeding us their unique, primary data about their network experience directly from their devices. 4. I think big numbers are simply cool. And big numbers these indeed are. A twenty-six fold increase traffic is staggering, with the global loads increasing from 0.24 exabytes a month in 2010 (an exabyte is a 10 to the 18th power bytes…or a

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  1. Clair48475 says:

    DUDE! Thanks:´╗┐ buut i get the live Televsion App (its totally free) from livetvapp,org ­čÖé

  2. auscultare says:

    — after effects´╗┐

  3. knockedit says:

    Cant´╗┐ wait for the singularity.

  4. jordpete0112 says:

    PLEASE dont do´╗┐ this to the world……

  5. faisalnahian says:

    wow.. amazing!´╗┐

  6. howardchief says:

    Does anyone know what kind of program is used to make a video´╗┐ like this?

  7. skbpillai says:

    Nice presentation, in spite of contents being´╗┐ argued here. But what surprises me is that, those little dots fanning out in the maps part of the presentation, does not hover much on India… Is that an accident, or there is some “statistics” behind those map overlays?

  8. videolunatico says:

    for all of does who are bit@#$ about the battery life, I just have two´╗┐ words for you and I really want you to google it…


    hear goes: Nano Technology

  9. jpisaniello says:

    okay well i didn’t say ” I wish wages were just as low as gas.” I just said I wish gas was still just as low. So stop trying to call me out on´╗┐ YouTube, guy.

  10. mexaguil says:

    wages were´╗┐ just as low

  11. chronoflect says:

    This is´╗┐ just 4 years from now. Imagine 8. 16? 32?
    Our technological future looks pretty awesome. I just hope we don’t screw it up by doing something stupid like starting a global war.

  12. puffdaniel09 says:

    I forecast your forecast of this forecast is´╗┐ not accurate.

  13. analuxskywalker says:

    I forecast this forecast´╗┐ is not accurate.

  14. santosomar says:

    great´╗┐ video!!!

  15. callycap3 says:

    Yes that’s the point though. Even though more powerful phone last less, they are using a huge amount of power compared to an older phone. That’s why it last less. But if you never used any apps on a smartphone and kept it in your pocket like a regular phone, there would be no difference.

    As with processing power, graphics power, memory and many other things, battery power gets more and more´╗┐ powerful as advances in technology are made.

  16. raulomshankar says:

    thanks…both´╗┐ were useful

  17. doublesizzle says:

    you cant even compare them thats like comparing a sports car to an electric car one is made to be a regular phone and the other is a smart phone, and look how long that´╗┐ battery last. Ive noticed that the faster and more “entertaining” phones get the worse the battery life(game set and match)

  18. callycap3 says:

    No, because everything gets smaller and better over time. You think the battery they put in an iphone has the same power the battery in a Nokia´╗┐ 3310?

  19. doublesizzle says:

    so battery´╗┐ life will be complete shit

  20. andrewgrig says:

    check epipheo´╗┐ channel

  21. jpisaniello says:

    I wish gas was still $0.40´╗┐

  22. conr3x says:

    check out the “good magazine” channel´╗┐

  23. raulomshankar says:

    does anyone knw where other such presentation videos can be found…which involves typography…sorts´╗┐ of animation etc.

  24. NikoKun says:

    Sure,´╗┐ we’ll see tons of advances.. But you can bet our service providers in the US will do all they can to slow progress down. =/

  25. blackgumdrawpz says:

    oh God, it’s gonna be like it was in Wall-E… I don’t want to spend the rest of my life´╗┐ staring at the screen. ­čÖü
    What the hell is sunshine?…

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