MOBE Platinum Mastermind 2014 – Costa Rica

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  1. Wealth Stretcher says:


    I’m out in Costa Rica at the moment for the MOBE Platinum Mastermind 2014
    event. It was a grueling trip halfway round the world from Singapore to
    Costa Rica but it’s been absolutely worth it. Beautiful beach, awesome
    pools and just great rooms and great food!

    My wife and two kids are loving it and enjoying themselves while I’m holed
    up in the conference room just soaking up the presence and knowledge of the
    numerous great speakers like Nik Halik (who’s one of the 1st civilian
    astronauts), TJ Rholeder (who’s an absolute legend in the Business
    Opportunity world but is really just a great down-to-earth dude), Rene
    Kamstra (who has worked as an Executive Master Coach for Tony Robbins –
    who’s my idol!) and Amish Shah (who is another legend-to-be, if not
    already, in the Internet Marketing world). And oh yeah, not to forget all
    the other amazing like-minded attendees as well.

    There’s just something about attending live events like this which I can’t
    quite put my finger to. But I know for sure that this event is going to
    lift my game up to a whole new level.

    Now I just can’t wait for the next Mastermind!

    Till we talk again,
    Malcolm Lee
    Wealth Stretcher´╗┐

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