MLM Recruiting with Empower Network

MLM Recruiting with Empower Network

Article by Claborn Winchell

MLM Recruiting with Empower Network

If you are like me…you got into your mlm business because you wanted to make money. Either you were looking to make a little extra every month or wanted to make enough to live on or enough to live out your dreams. How do you make money with mlm opportunites? Recruit, recruit, recruit…it is all about mlm recruiting for leads.

Without a good way to produce more leads, many people get discouraged when they run out of warm bodies to sign up. MLM recruiting online is one of the best ways to accomplish your goals. Imagine knowing how to make money online like the gurus do. All you need is the proper training and the will to learn!

MLM Recruiting with Empower Network

Let me show you how Empower Network will help you with your mlm recruiting. The product is a viral blogging system. I will tell you about it in the words of David Wood, co-founder of Empower Network:

“The most powerful elements of our blogging platform are not even seen by the naked eye. Well, maybe they can be, if you count the results you get when you use it.

Something exists in the world of the search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) called page rank. Think of it as the level of importance your site is seen in the eyes of the search engines. For example, if you have a brand new site, with no pages indexed on the search engines, no social interaction (Facebook ‘shares’ – Twitter ‘tweats’, ect) – you’re site will most likely not be noticed, and therefore dismissed as ‘low man on the totem pole’. All the while sites that do have hundreds, even thousands of pages indexed in the search engines, get lot’s of social interaction, and have other sites linking into them are shown more ‘search engine love’ – therefore ranking easier in the search engine for ‘keywords’ (‘keywords’ are any word or phrase someone types into a search bar).

Let me explain how the search engines look at our customers posts when they post content onto their Empower Network blog.

They see the fact that we are the 298 most trafficked site in the country (as of Dec 18, 2011 – see Alexa.com/siteinfo/empowernetwork.com) – they see that we have over 5,000 sites linking in from other websites – they see that we have people commenting, sharing and interacting on our pages .and that we have over 93,000 pages indexed on Google.”

In other words…you can use Empower Network’s blogging system to blog about your mlm business and make money in both! MLM recruiting at it’s best!

If you do any blogging at all you know you have to first buy a domain name, then you have to find a service that will host it for a monthly charge. With Empower Network they have that done for you. For just per month you receive your own blogging system with the added bonus of being an aged domain, etc as David pointed out above.

Empower Network has the best payment plan I’ve ever seen!

100% commissions, immediate payment into your bank account and an unlimited downline!

Why not make money while you are doing your mlm recruiting? Let me help you be successful!

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