MLM Recruiting Training For Explosive Downline Growth!

MLM Recruiting Training For Explosive Downline Growth!

Article by David M. Wood

Building a business in the MLM industry takes time, hard work and dedication. Of course, in order to make money in this industry, you need to recruit. You need to recruit new reps into your company and you need to teach them how to do the same. In this article, I’m going to go over some of the most simple and easiest recruiting methods in existence.

Let’s face it, most Networkers struggle with recruiting. To be very honest with you, recruiting people into your business is only the beginning. Everything starts from recruiting, but recruiting will not make you 6+ figures. In order to make that kind of money, you need duplication. The duplication part is way out of the reach of this article so let me explain recruiting.

Recruiting is very simple yet most people make it seem impossible. In all reality, all you have to do is “expose” your opportunity a group of people every day. In order to make a full time income in this industry, you need to recruit around fifty people. Fifty solid reps can easily turn into an army of 50,000 if you do it right. The leverage this industry provides is incredible. Every time you recruit a new rep, it’s like you clone yourself and double your productivity.

As long as you have a duplication system in place that will train your new reps how to recruit, you’ll be fine. A training system is a must as you need to spend your time recruiting new reps, not training old ones. A big thing to remember is that you can’t spend all your time with your new reps. it’s just not productive. The only rule you should have is to spend your time with the reps that are making you money.

So how do you recruit? Simple, you get at least ten people to watch your presentation every day. A good company presentation is vital. Your presentation should cover all the facts about your comp plan, product and opportunity. Next you need to identify 10 people who are somewhat interested in Network Marketing, call them up and tell them to watch your presentation. After they watch it, call them up again. Ask them if they want to join. Just ask and don’t say anything else.

If you don’t say anything else you will get a straight answer. As you get better at prospecting and have a killer presentation, you should be able to sponsor 1 in 10 people with ease!

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