MLM Recruiting Techniques, Are You Pitching Or Giving Value?

DPYLESECRETS.COM http This article was created to help entrepreneurs understand what it takes to recruit an unlimited amount of people into their business. MLM recruiting techniques are based on your leadership skills. You can have the best compensation plan in the industry, but if you as an individual do not demonstrate leadership qualities, you will not recruit a lot of people into your team. You can learn how at DwaynePyle.com

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  5. mlmlivesupport says:

    I remember the days of walking through the store and trying to recruit people. I hate that crap. I never chase anyone, they come to me. Technology has changed the world and made business a lot easier on the net people. Listen to Dwayne.

  6. jaredbrownmarketing says:

    great video giving value is whats important

  7. TheFitfreak3 says:

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  8. seopricingcheapseo says:

    I rarely ever see a video that hits home like this one.

  9. stewartfunding1 says:

    No mom r scam only way it is because u haven’t done nothin with it

  10. tedburkholder says:

    How much money have you made in MLM? The fact is that people that say MLM is a scam simply don’t know anything about it. It’s that simple. Amway, Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and MANY other common household names use multi-level marketing. It’s simply a chance to have average everyday people make money by marketing their product or service for them. So by your logic are you saying Amway is a scam? Think about it…

  11. YANAMization says:

    no its not

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  14. aceshigh8881 says:

    mlm brainwashing technics should be illegal. never trust an mlmer ever. it’s a scam

  15. IamDeanCantave says:

    Dwayne, just got through listening to you on the MLSP webinar. GOOD STUFF! What software are you using to edit this video?

  16. famousnetworker says:

    Dwayne awesome video man. Giving value is the way to go.Tell me more about your business. Pls friend me on facebook/famousnetworker

  17. KirillStorch says:

    lol people do hate fliers, but do you ever find yourself making html fliers on FB or email, Dwayne?

  18. MrTomvu says:

    Great !!! Thanks

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    good video

  21. aceshigh8881 says:

    MLM is a scam. Don’t get scammed!

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  25. charlesfurfur says:

    speaking of value, I’m very sure GOOD HEALTH and STAYING YOUNG is a great value, don’t you think?

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