MLM Recruiting: One Rule for Prospecting

http://rayhigdon.com/journey – If you want to boost your MLM recruiting results, always remember this one rule I talk about in this video! Two DON’Ts of Netw…
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  1. SoulGamingKB says:

    idk how i got here but i think this is the first video with no dislikes on youtube…….. ever

  2. Wafa Cw says:

    That’s just great!!! It’s a matter of good communication…

  3. toshiniru says:

    thanks sir!!!

  4. Tom Rawls says:

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  5. tha1nonlybabydoll says:

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  6. monirul ali says:

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  7. Lee Mills says:

    Great info Ray and I just want to say ‘you rock’ 🙂

  8. Tom Rawls says:

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  9. tha1nonlybabydoll says:

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  10. Marsha L. Randolph says:

    Recently I decided to follow the established system and ignore the advice of my upline. I was making progress however my upline was not pleased. Amazingly one of the strategies I changed was to do just as you suggested. On the other hand my upline gave me the opposite advice. This video has confirmed that I made the correct decision. (5 years in the business, 3 years on the same level my upline- 3 levels up- makes less than 50K a year whereas his counterparts are in the 6 figures.

  11. Tom Root says:

    Thanks Ray, you do a nice job!!

  12. kevincav615 says:

    sharp guy thanks

  13. Paulo Pastoril says:

    Thanks alot for this. I am still new in mlm. And i find this can help me alot.

  14. Paulo Pastoril says:

    Thanks alot for this. I am still new in mlm. And i find this can help me alot.

  15. Michael Thomas says:

    ZIJA IS a BULLSHIT multi level marketing scam, period. So many idiots like you put on these videos trying to promote it, and your still a broke ass.

  16. Tom Rawls says:

    Top Success Coach finally revealing marketing secrets for successful Network Marketers.
    Finally Find out how to reach the top and make money.

  17. Torrey Brothers says:

    Definitely sharing this with my team, thanks Ray!!

  18. Marquis Jones says:

    Good stuff Ray..

  19. Dereck Celis says:

    Great tips Ray! @6mins, ha ha, inappropriate or what??! 🙂
    Thanks man, video definitely worth sharing.

  20. D Cashinout MC says:

    Great video

  21. Mike Castro says:

    Awesome stuff

  22. Pete Savage says:

    This has just been the most PERFECT video that I needed to watch. Thankyou Thankyou ;-))

  23. inirtrini says:

    Good, good stuff.

  24. 1234helium says:

    The 1st tip is excellent. Thanks

  25. Jorge Espiritu says:

    Really great video! Thanks Ray! 🙂

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