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www.urfreementor.com This video with Edward Pena, Network Marketer and MLM business owner and Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, CEO of Vitamark International, discuss MLM skills needed for success in network marketing. Edward and Tom are in the best mlm network marketing Biz Edward Pena interviews Tom “Big Al” Schreiter on the number one item needed for MLM network marketing success.
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  1. Climb2win says:

    Did you sign up 60+ people in your downline last month… I did! Check out my channel for a link to the only forced MLM matrix recruiting system for NAP!

  2. lacromar says:

    Thanks Ed I love Tom, his workshops are awesome. Would it be okay…

  3. jordandub23 says:

    Build one downline with MXM that will duplicate into several mlm companies! MXM will help build your downline for you. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. MXM is a company with all the marketing tools to help you build a successful downline! Don’t miss your chance to secure a preferred position! Start building your future today! jwangsgard.mymxm.net

  4. luckyoliver70 says:

    Thanks for this video, you two guys. Very inspiring.

  5. urfreementor says:

    Thanks for all the kind words and comments.


  6. KEMentor says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Ed. Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is definitely a genius when it comes to Network Marketing.

    You do need skills to succeed in this business. Download the eBook & read it to learn how you can improve your skills — absolutely free.


  7. PrasannaPerera says:

    Big Al is a legend in MLM. Listen to what he says.

    Best wishes,

  8. mentorken says:

    Wow, Edward! Wonderful video with Tom. Great idea to give him and you exposure.

    All the best!

    Ken Klemm

  9. UniversalPat says:

    Hey, Is Big AL the Godfather – or what! He is GOOD!

    Thanks for exposing him — to the greater public 🙂

    Pat Crosby

  10. wendyw1950 says:

    Simple and to the point – and with my one of my favorite friends, mentors, and trainers, too!

    Well done.


  11. MichaelPuskas says:

    I love your video. Tom “Big Al” is awesome. Great advice from a great trainer.

    Michael Puskas

  12. ronthecamman says:

    Big Al is one of the best when it comes to Network Marketing. The free ebook has turned my whole way of thinking on how to get my business going.

  13. rjc38photo says:

    That man knows his stuff! You will find no better training anywhere than Mentoring For Free.

  14. MLMMentor4Free says:

    Every network marketer needs to read the Success in 10 Steps ebook to learn the skills they need to be successful in this amazing industry.


  15. MentorDianne says:

    Big Al is the best. He has amazing ideas and the Success in 10 Step resource book is a must for everyone who want to earn an income from home.

  16. mentorjerry says:

    You have to listen to Tom “Big Al” cause he really knows what it’s all about. That ebook is great.


  17. stevedevane says:

    Excellent video. Nobody knows network marketing like Big Al. The free e-book certainly put me on the path to success.
    Steve DeVane

  18. jwsmentoring says:

    This is so true everyone should listen to Big Al and download the E-book it changed my life

  19. judyr0berts says:

    If only everyone who got into network marketing had this information right from the start, they would have such an advantage and they would be saved so much disappointment.

    Judy Roberts

  20. DanRhonwudz says:

    Tom “Big Al” is a wonder at network marketing. Read the e-book and you will be amazed at the difference this training is!

  21. samisuccess says:

    The E-book ‘Success in 10 Steps SAVED my life.


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