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  1. Climb2win says:

    I sponsored over 60 new reps into my downline last month without talking to a single person or posting a link online with an automated forced matrix MLM recruiting system called The Instant Downline. Get the details in my channel link.

  2. RealMarketingMLM says:

    Network marketing is still a great way to make money, but ONLY if you find the right program and have the right strategy. Check out my channl to see which MLM program I use that makes me over 12000 bucks a month. I’m sharing free training and tools.

  3. Steventk26 says:


    30billionaireschangingtheworld dot kom

  4. krixification says:

    all who fail in MLM transmit bad reputation.. let others try… they might actually succeed where you failed…

  5. control1nslife says:

    Not all networking companies are a scam.. I am not involved with Amway I was about 20 years ago, Amway is a good company it is the distributor that you join with that makes the difference. I have been in the industry for a long time & I still thing its the best

  6. julqw2 says:

    yep, it is a scam whatever they want to call themselves, Amway, Quixtar…sad but true!

  7. shaunnol says:

    This is all a scam

  8. Alvin Chow says:

    OMG…i’m Malaysian…how do get the book? = =…i’m in problem in MLM…everyone around me just don like the name “Amway” once they hear it they just run away…can i know what to do?

  9. zeinasweetie says:

    love it

  10. MentorJayne says:

    Very good information Sami.
    I read this book many times because I always find something I’ve missed.
    Thank you for posting this video.
    Jayne Cambra

  11. ConnieLoeschen says:

    Hey Sami – you are awesome, love your spontaneity. You are always so cool and at ease. Are you on Facebook? I have been making videos too. All thanks to YOU!
    Connie Loeschen

  12. YourFriendinKYLaura says:

    Whoa!! glad you finally sat still, I was staring to feel dizzy 🙂

    Seriously though, Thanx for taking the time to give back to the industry. Not everyone is willing to help people who are not directly in their downline. Your generousity is refreshing.

    With you, I know they’ll find the help they need. That ebook is life changing.

    Your Friend in KY, Laura

  13. Ashley Bolivar says:


    keep it up, you are making a difference. Get the ebook and own your life.

    Live Limitless,
    Ashley Bolivar

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