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  1. pornwo9 says:

    Thanks for making this!

  2. Shields Michael says:

    Hi I love lead Power real time leads. The first one I called I enrolled and
    out of 35 leads I enrolled 4 brokers. Chris Gee National Sales Director
    (AmeriPlan USA)Thank so much Ron

  3. darak82 says:

    Nice, I wanna learn how to make vids like this!

  4. Frank Schippers says:

    I’ve been using these leads for over 2 years now and have build large
    organizations. Not only are the leads of great quality but the support is
    excellent.I use a simple six step process to train my team.When you have
    leads who are all looking to start a home based business, this is a very
    simple and duplicatable process.Cal Faber Victoria B.C. Canada

  5. Fred Reaves says:

    After trying many other lead soarces and spending a great deal of money I
    was thrilled to find that the quality and consitancy with Lead Power has
    been wonderful and my team has had some fantastic growth by using
    Leadpower’s phone verified leads.. I would certainly recomend them to
    anyone looking to build a business with leads..

  6. Martin McDonald says:

    I love the telephone verified leads and reccomend them to all my new
    enrollees. The fact that you know they just asked for information from a
    live person gives new people the confidence to talk with posture. Thank you

  7. Clifton Dawkins says:

    I have tried leads from many other companies, by far the leads I purchase
    from this company I would recommend for anyone. I find them to be very
    responsive and the closing ratio is great.

  8. Roy Hall says:

    Leadpower leads are the best available. I have been with my network
    marketing company for almost 3 years and have worked telephone leads from
    the start. I have tried over 20 lead companies and paid as high as $5 or
    more per lead–Leadpower by far–delivers the BEST leads available in terms
    of response, closing ratio, accuracy of info, and customer service–search
    no more for a top lead company–you’ve found it.

  9. Robert Moss says:

    I started a home business to stay home and be a mom instead of paying
    someone else half my money to raise my kids. Sense me and my entire team
    has started using LeadPower leads my organization has doubled!! It took
    eight months to build and in this one and a half month its doubled!!
    LeadPower has really made a huge difference!! Thanks LeadPower.

  10. William Allen says:

    They are easy to get in touch with, they immediately handle your
    questions,concerns or requests and the staff is very accomadating.I
    recommend Lead Power real time leads to anyone looking for a high quality
    lead at a very reasonable price.

  11. Salvatore Wright says:

    I have really enjoyed calling these leads! The people I have spoken to have
    all been very responsive and most were actively looking for a way to make
    money from home! Definitely some of the best leads I have used.

  12. William Allen says:

    Lead Power generates an excellent lead. They are specific to your needs and
    I have fantastic luck with them. I recommend them to people in my downline
    all the time and I use them, myself, on a regular basis.I am also very
    impressed with their customer service.

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