MLM: Do Most People Fail?

Tim Sales investigates: Do most people fail at network marketing? How can MLM’s get away with claiming that everyone can succeed? Learn what you need to know before you consider joining an MLM company.
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  1. amazingdany says:

    I’m making more money selling stuff for Amazon than all my 14 years in mlm.

    You wanna make money at home, with much less financial risks and without selling your soul? Then do like me, build websites and sell physical products.

  2. mopsik7771 says:

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  3. zzzzzzzz0zzzzzzzz says:

    This is so true, people who don’t do well will bitch and moan that it is a scam just because they didnt have success.

  4. daveedo00004 says:

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  5. stepienklaninc says:

    @NikonSanz genuine wisdom is usually conspicuous through modesty and silence. And I’ll just leave it at that. No class. Absolutely no class.

  6. NikonSanz says:

    @stepienklaninc @sprdave1962 You wanna get into marketing…go work in real marketing for a real buisness, some of you mlm people are an insult to real marketers, people who actually have qualifications….not two nobodies who think using a few shitty keywords to get people to view your cheap-ass acn/amway/5linx website means you work in marketing.

  7. NikonSanz says:

    @stepienklaninc coming from a guy who got suckered into spending $500 on a shitty recruitment plan where 97% of all suckers fail to make any money, harassing friends and family to sign up to their downline for a shtty company that requires NO SKLL OR CREDNTIALS to work for.


    You guys make me laugh, you think Donald Trump starting at the top of MLM as a multi-millionaire, is the same as two nobodies selling xango out of a car boot and trying to recruit the guy next door.

  8. stepienklaninc says:

    @NikonSanz do not be angry dude… you are just uneducated… its ok.. I know many people who are uneducated so I totally understand your pain of failure… just go easy on yourself and don’t blame yourself too much. I think you should spend more time watching TV shows rather then sitting here and commenting. You are truly wasting your time…

  9. stepienklaninc says:

    @sprdave1962 mr. @NikonSanz is credible expert on the subject “complain and blame”…

  10. NikonSanz says:

    @stepienklaninc Of course Donald trump doesnt sell video phones, he endorses mlm and he is likely at the top of the chain in the mlm you say he owns. Where are you in your mlm? You are likely to be one of the bottom feeders struggling to make money.

    MLM is not really about great products, its really about recruiting more suckers into making the same $500 investment you made. ie. a recruitment plan, thus why it is often compared to a pyramid scheme.

  11. dann201000 says:

    When joining an mlm company make sure you find good leader and join him because people don’t follow company’s people follow leaders, when you will learn how to be a leader you will have success in network marketing.. just that simple

  12. stepienklaninc says:

    @NikonSanz first off it tells me right off the bat about someone who insults others without getting to know them so I will refuse to comment further because obviously you are not educated about the subject… FYI… Donald Trump does not sell video phones….

  13. NikonSanz says:

    @stepienklaninc Do you know the difference between using your millions to START a network marketing company where you are at the top……………….and suckers like yourself who pay the $500 to sell garbage video phones nobody wants and end up being one of the 97% who fail to make any money?

    Newsflash: Donald trump says things for money/favours.

  14. stepienklaninc says:

    @NikonSanz are you aware that Donald Trump owns a MLM company??? Furthermore, Donald Trump was interviewed by very known talk show host and he was asked what would he do if he had lost all his fortune and had a chance to start over. Donald Trump without hesitation said: Network Marketing. When he said that, the audience booed him and laughed. He then turned to them and said: That is why I am sitting down here and all of you are still up there. .. Good luck on your REAL biz endeavor.

  15. alex14ization says:

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  16. iam1richman says:

    Tim Sales, Thank you for all the Great information it really helped me explode my current MLM business at 888-486-4481 Thank you very much! ;0)

  17. NikonSanz says:

    @sprdave1962 Did Donald Trump make his millions in MLM? I dont think he did.

    I think he made his millions setting up proper buisnesses where he didnt have to pay someone $500 to sell a crap videophone or overpriced fruit juice

    What do you think donald trump would say if you told him to invest $500 into a ”buisness”where you have a 97% chance of making no money whatsoever?

    I think he would say ”no thanks”

    start a REAL buisness.

  18. sprdave1962 says:

    @NikonSanz What exactly are you a credible expert at anyway? I prefer to listen to people like Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and many other Credible experts that are big supporters of Network Marketing…and they they are very credible experts that can be found on this very page making you look like the complete fool you are! cheers!

  19. becomeatravelpro says:

    Hi Tim it’s a shame to see the people that don’t have a clue, but that is what gives us the opportunity! MLM, network marketing is a incredible industry! The problem that most people don’t understand is that it is a business. No different then in conventional business, except for one major thing, allot less financial risk! Remember 95+% of all restaurants fail! I think I will do a video on this subject, thanks for all you do for our industry! Bill Dalessandro

  20. GinaCooper2012 says:

    @markbrandon6 I just emailed you. Mine is GinaCooper567@gmail.com

  21. NikonSanz says:

    This video is a nonsense. The bottom line is this, stats show that 97% of all suckers in MLM fail to make ANY MONEY.

    It is not a viable prospect for making money imo.

    Training dvd’s, seminars etc…….thats how alot of these companies make money, their top guys are not going out selling overpriced juice door to door.

    You will make more money working at burger king, doing less work, than you will in MLM.

    These guys are con men.

  22. markbrandon6 says:

    pliz hep me,,
    i need 2 knw how did u do
    my email

  23. SmartJock42 says:

    Yes Empower Network Is Awesome. I just started. So I can’t wait to see my results

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