Mitch McGary Early Season Highlights – Brewster Academy – Michigan Basketball Recruiting

Mitch McGary committed to Michigan in early november. After he took care of his college commitment he’s been handling his business for his high school team Brewster Academy. These highlights are from the beginning of his 2011-2012 season.
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  1. JohnnyTiDo says:

    Michigan’s Tyler Hansbrough.

  2. patsrule28 says:

    lmfao i feel like he is always mad at something

  3. jonzab17 says:

    lmao if i could dunk on him i would scream at him

  4. bigbuzin555 says:


  5. olu ada says:

    michigan is ranked higher than duke in academics your box of rocks metaphor is stupid

  6. JOHNSINODA79 says:

    @inkredableHULK… you still mad bro lol… Duke sucks and if you all do not get Tony Parker you can forget about your front court talent in the future too. Austin is leaving so you can already forget about any type of explosive guard play next year also. Meanwhile, UM has Mitch in the fold ready to contribute on site, along with GR3, who jumps out the roof and the highly underated Nick Staukas who has an automatic jumper (youtube it) and one of the best killer cross since Jason Williams.GoBlue

  7. Sportsace10 says:

    when white people wear arm sleeves they just look plain stupid

  8. keithmoon29 says:

    anyone who does like him must either (1) cheer for the Luckeyes or Sparty. (2) not like white players or…..(3) went to a high school that he destroyed on the court. there is nothing wrong with how hard he plays. his excitement did not appear to be unsportsmanlike toward an opponent. He does not seem angry or pissed off either. But man can he pass for his size. They say he has a motor like Tyler Hans. from UNC. If so, One of the best coaches in college will finally have some talent at U of M!

  9. cd991blue says:

    He hustles back on D to. Great Player

  10. TTttt293 says:

    stop spit on the court

  11. joeybeardizzy123 says:

    perfect beat for this crazy beast! Props.

  12. Orangeman411 says:

    This kid would be a bitch to play against lol

  13. Rep843 says:

    this dude looks like the next kevin love with more hops can he rebound tho?

  14. MiddleSchoolProdigy says:

    he is acually a talented big man unlike most tall prospects i see

  15. George Babic says:

    needs to clam the fuck down

  16. Myright Nuthurts says:

    he looks like aaron gordon ahaha

  17. yeeeboiii3 says:

    This kid is nasty in a bad way

  18. leclercian says:

    This my type of basketball

  19. itoki3 says:

    @BALLAsTvDotCom rivals is a actual recruiting site, ESPN isnt, but i was just sayin, dont get alll pissy, i hope ur a Michigan fan? cuz i bleed maize and blue

  20. BALLAsTvDotCom says:

    u look at rivals? #ESPN >>

  21. itoki3 says:

    @BALLAsTvDotCom actually on rivals he is #3 player in the nation but for his position he is the #1 PF in the nation

    @ballinbynature21 wow really? in this highlight all his jumpers were wet and he is fast for a big man, he gets after the ball and hustles, and he for sure doesnt just dunk he has great post moves, idk wut video u were watching but it surely wasnt this one

  22. TheKentuckyCATz says:

    Lol his face is funny

  23. MegaAnt24 says:

    he has adhd. im forreal tho

  24. RecklessMediaHD says:

    this kid gets gully

  25. iTsXillusion says:

    Hes the white Josh Smith…

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