Mistletoe (Cover) – Jack Saunders

——————– EXPAND FOR MORE INFO ——————– Jack Saunders performing Justin Bieber’s hit, “Mistletoe”. ‘Like’ me on FaceBook; www.facebook.com/JackSaundersMusic1 ‘Follow’ me on Twitter; www.twitter.com/JackSaunders96 Please share my videos on your social networking sites !! Thanks. 🙂

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  1. fantasblanka says:

    Just stalking ur vids ;P

  2. disbemejordy says:

    Seriously? You’re frigan amazing. My dream boyfriend has to play guitar and sing. My standards are high now.

  3. ryannonjordyn123 says:

    Love <3 You'll Go Far

  4. carolinaserchia says:

    Hermoso y cantas re bien 🙂

  5. lelrucker says:

    your amazingg

  6. brittnellyaug98 says:

    you and justin ieber should be brothers 🙂

  7. 9Mellaniee9 says:

    this is my favorite! <3

  8. mscbh67 says:

    this is amazing.

  9. lissy18998 says:

    you are actually amazing im so sorry to hear about your sister <3 x

  10. ImSoCuteToday says:

    Go on x-factor Jackyyyy <3 from Maria 🙂

  11. ShotsGhee says:

    Maddest song this dude needs to be on X-Factor. Keep it up mann mean voice 🙂

  12. robynnm95 says:

    your voice is amazing!xx

  13. jessicapoopable says:

    good job little cousin !

  14. kaylarose98 says:

    this is just amazing, i swear, you’re waaaay better than Justin Bieber. Legit. (:

  15. kaysieemaye14 says:

    omg your amazing 🙂 x

  16. madeleinexoxox says:

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  17. yoyoyoy411 says:

    the man 

  18. tarcoist says:

    thats good as your good dude keep it up

  19. RALrulz says:

    you are amazing!!! I agree with ‘ItsGeorgiaB’ You have to go on X-Factor… I would most definitely vote for you!

  20. TheKyleBryant says:

    i love this far tooo much jacky saunders! this is elle hardman btw! x

  21. justbehappyandbefree says:

    3 people had a seizure whilst trying to press the like button. Love you jack your amazing keep going and never give up !

  22. zAnOnYmOusX2 says:

    good work mate, keep it up

  23. lissy18998 says:

    you are better than justin bieber.. awkward for him..

  24. lissy18998 says:


  25. mattto13 says:

    This is rad dude!

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