Miss_Lush_12WBT_The Decider – Episode One

Ms. Lush takes on the Michelle Bridges – Week One – 12 WBT Time trial in preparation for her 12 weeks to Polka-Dot Bikini mission! Receiving a valentine message from her long lost love “Archie” inviting her to summer in St Tropez, Lush flies into a panic and signs up for the Michelle Bridges 12 week Body Transformation – This is her journey over 12 weeks and 12 + episodes, culminating in the Melbourne Finale on May 4th, 2013. Unfit, drinking too much, smoking and eating all the wrong things – Lush is in for a rude shock. She dials a local trainer (“The Commander” – [Like the telephone systems Commander]) and staggers on over to his address to begin her ‘Training’ with a time trail and fitness assessment. Follow Lush’s journey as she learns to let go of her jewellery, make-up, gawdy, yet somewhat stylish designer clothes and gets thrust into the world of sports and nutrition – With Outward Bound style experiences, sports technique training, spiritual awakenings and much more to help her transform her attitudes, ideas and beliefs, Lush’s goal to drop 16.8kgs in 12 weeks and look fabulous in her Pink Polka-Dot Bikini becomes a gargantuan personal journey of the unexpected! To ensure that Lush is accountable, The Commander has insisted that she sign up to Social Networking sites Facebook, G+, Blogger, Instagram and Twitter to share her progress and updates. Please encourage Lush from your favourite Social Media platforms and share your Training and 12WBT experiences
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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