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myFirstRate.com Minneapolis Restaurant Reputation Management Reviews, Testimonials & Recommendations boost credibility & attract more customers. What do people say about your business? Go here NOW! www.myFirstRate.com Call Today! 952-479-1064 Loud Mode Interactive dba My First Rate PO Box 332 Victoria, MN 55386 Jeff Jones 952-479-1064 myFirstRate.com 44.862591,-93.648425 The Importance of Online Reputation Management for Your Restaurant As a restaurant owner, you already know that promoting your business is an important key to success. However, marketing and promotion has always been a daunting task for many businesses. Printing is becoming more expensive everyday as well as TV ads, Radio ads, and other traditional forms of advertising. Worst of all, these advertising methods are no longer as effective as they used to be when it comes to getting your restaurant in front of your local consumers. For instance, people don’t watch TV like they used to. When they do, they fast forward right through the commercials thanks to the new recording technology available. Newspapers are not as effective due to the fact that newspaper sales across the world have dropped drastically in recent years. This is because most people now use the internet to catch up on the daily news. So running a newspaper ad is almost useless for restaurants these days. Remember the Yellow Pages book? If you are spending a lot of your marketing funds here, you should take a hard look at whether or not it is
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