Minneapolis is a fertile recruiting ground for Al-Shabaab

Brian Todd explores how Al-Shabaab has successfully recruited young Somali men in the U.S. into the terrorist group. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/
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  1. EphraimManasseh says:

    What an evil report by CNN. Numerous Somali men just went overseas for
    The CNN report says the men are misinformed, given titles and promised work
    and told they can have the women of their choice, receive respect from
    like-minded Somalians and they supposedly don’t know the purpose of their
    recruitment is Jihad.
    The lying report tries to convince the listener that Jihad recruiting in
    Minneapolis is not a growing continous ongoing process and those being
    enlisted are just ignorant young men not knowing what they are recruited
    The CNN report is evil, a lie trying to downplay or ignore a real problem.
    The problem is Islam. Islam is evil and Islam kills. “Prophet” Muhammad was
    a terrorist.

  2. nabil salmia says:

    where the hood at?!

  3. nabil salmia says:

    where the hood at?!

  4. Jd Abdinasir says:

    Proud to be somalian

  5. DeathDOer01 says:

    yezzir friend =)

  6. Tristan Thomas says:

    They fought a war against the whites….AND FUCKING LOST LOL!

  7. Sean O'Neill says:

    Who brought them to USA which politician? name them

  8. Tristan Thomas says:

    yep, Social Darwinism at its finest,lol

  9. Tristan Thomas says:

    I know, that goober probably blew himself up by mistake, lol

  10. Heatless says:

    Deport people who have nothing to do with a terrorist group? Problems do
    happen for that.It’s called logic,use it.

  11. darkmanmaggot says:

    More fear to justify anti-constitutionalism.

  12. storm bringer says:

    damm straight brother…

  13. MrBoogerhook says:

    I was being a smart ass!

  14. Kynney able says:

    *is real

  15. 2bRealist says:

    Haha.. good answer rodgridodex, but I was just making a point, I don’t
    have any desire to take anybody’s land by force… or foreclosure. Do let
    your your family and friend vets know, that this internet stranger thanks
    them for their service. I lost family and friends in the service, so I know
    sacrifice to our freedom.

  16. Veritas Gnosis says:

    Natives never owned America. In fact, even the “natives” immigrated from
    somewhere else. No people just “appeared” in America and have rights to it.

  17. DEVILS CHILD says:

    Pig shit followers of the pedophile (pig piss be upon him)

  18. hpjhpj says:

    Haha yeah shame on US because it’s all of US making those decisions….Not
    our corrupt for-sale government…..

  19. thegrimreaper541 says:

    We’ll wind up going back to Somalia

  20. mssedmebich says:

    That horse left the Barn. Mexico has pretty much taken over South
    Minneapolis from 35W east to Hiawatha ave. The Tibetans and Hmong own the
    Northeast corner. Cedar riverside is so full of Somalians that even Bill
    Clinton looked out the window of his limo and said “Where the Hell are we?”
    North Minneapolis is African American but, it’s pretty much a shooting
    range every night. The lakes district is rich whiteyville.

  21. rodgridodex says:

    No, reality.

  22. Brian Woodling says:

    Let them go and die it is for the best, that goober from Minneapolis is not
    Somali but it is just as well he’s gone.

  23. cbohar84 says:

    Good, ship them back where they came from

  24. 2bRealist says:

    “This PLANET has never been as beautiful as when there were no humans that
    “owned it”” Well said..

  25. sergibrin says:

    they need to go but, first take care of the real problem and get rid of the
    jews /watch?v=GsUtvOW6SR0 /watch?v=SDqNLrOd_SY

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