MILEY CYRUS SUCKASS ACTING??! – Is Idol Didi Benami a Lesbian? – Kate Gosselin Can’t Dance!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Katelyn Shindler says:

    I hate you soooooo much what the buck is wrong with u? R u on drugs or something?

  2. Sarah Leigh Maule says:

    Seriously how can no one notice her terrible acting and not to mention singing skills or lack there of? she completely ruined the movie.. for me it was like watching the actor from troll2, she didnt bring any depth to the character, or make her seem believable. im sorry i know everyone loves her, but they could of chosen a better person to play Ronnie… Nicholas sparx is a great author and his books are inspiring, to place Miley as the lead is an insult and a total spit in a good books face

  3. puppyface234 says:

    Wat the buck is rong wit u O_ o

  4. PopRockHipHopRnBGurl says:

    Yo! @WHATTHEBUCKSHOW this one is for you .I. (^ – ^) .I.

  5. jingbocao87 says:

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  6. rock2Hectos says:

    Talk about how bad Disney channel is???

    Or Talk about new actors under age 17????

  7. Roseycyrus123 says:

    miley can act <3 

  8. grant122210 says:

    this was my first and last video -.-…the title looked interesting then he came on

  9. awkwardturtle97 says:

    Why are you watching him then?

  10. NamesTigger says:

    WOW! Awesome video!!!

  11. kaykayj07 says:

    agreed 🙂 but im watchin this in 2011 but still agreed 🙂

  12. muhammad15l04l1993 says:

    he’s hilarious. he has a great personality. and he’s a really nice person, and watching his video back in 2008 saved my life. so there.

  13. grant122210 says:

    wow he is so annyoing -_- why do u guys watch hime really? such a fag

  14. Laurenfan24 says:


  15. MCalixte89 says:

    hes a straight up bitch.

  16. ladygagafan681 says:

    i have the lg neon and it SUX

  17. Lyrina25 says:

    kate Goslin’s kids are great, not their fault they have such a bitch for a mum.

  18. cherishnoel117 says:

    Is that all you do–diss people? Wow dude; you seriously need to find a better way to use your time. Shit.

  19. Smashley1979 says:

    In the end everyone is just a human, so who cares shes JUST HUMAN like EVERYONE ELSE.

  20. Dionysiananarchy1 says:

    3 words – sandwich right now

  21. 89loganc says:

    Fuck u I think she acts well and she’s fuckin hot

  22. smiley10croatia1 says:

    What the buck-What the fuck

  23. CartomartaKenDoll says:

    The last song

  24. alahakonsepala says:

    Try online Latino women profiles rockmycity.info

  25. viperfang34 says:

    boong i dont like it

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