Miley Cyrus Caught Making Out!!! – Actor Kills His Mom! – Cher Lloyd is MUZJIKS!

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  1. leo berlin says:

    Holy´╗┐ crap

  2. jose castillo says:

    i hate´╗┐ her but i love avon

  3. Kaineneff says:

    was´╗┐ she making out with avon or whatever

  4. Caitlyn Brown says:

    O:52 the guy on left is looking in her´╗┐ dress

  5. 415princezz says:

    She’s a´╗┐ whore

  6. ultracheater1 says:


  7. beautytubeification says:

    so i meank who woulden make out with him and who cares shes not a kid no more shes an adult so that means if u are in disney channel and u are moving on from that that means´╗┐ they are still gonna call her hanna montana i mean everybody forgot about that like people are so stupied i would make out with the boy from victorious and u said she made out with a boy from another network she wasnt so that means she cant make out from anybody wow this is 2010

  8. vertigogaming123 says:

    Shut´╗┐ up u fag

  9. Chloe Reisman says:

    MICHAEL. I walk away from my screen momentarily to put something in the dishwasher´╗┐ and just then you were like, “Don’t you dare move!” LOL Scared me pantsless xD

  10. JDizzleDaBoss says:

    Fuuuuuck´╗┐ i ve only watched 5 videos each one was about miley

  11. xxxiheartpinkxxx says:

    miley is a slut get over it.btw buck speaks the truth and if you cant´╗┐ handle it watch something else.

  12. breenboyz says:

    I’m just realizing how much of a´╗┐ waste of human resource you are.

  13. KBswaggielicious13 says:

    Miley´╗┐ is a whore just a fact she’s not innocent…. Wat happened 2 her or was she just born dat way :|? oh well not my fooking probleam :+)

  14. Claire Ando says:

    Yeah,´╗┐ who would’ve thought people talk when they make youtube videos…

  15. itsillie says:

    my´╗┐ head hurts omg stop it

  16. MzNlng says:

    So many things wrong with her .!

  17. camerongnetz says:

    @truetocheer. there’s no way he isn’t´╗┐

  18. annieclareharvey says:


  19. BobOrPirst says:

    she was making out´╗┐ with beck lol

  20. XxMW3KingxX1 says:

    U Faqqet On Miley Cyrus Cunt U Bitch Ass Gay Faqqet´╗┐ U Damn Skippy???

  21. officialclaudiax says:

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  22. truetocheer says:

    is he gay???´╗┐

  23. LeahCity says:

    how is that “realy” sad?? What’s actually sad is a´╗┐ person who can get on the internet and insult someone else can’t spell a word that most second graders can…not that Buck is into dudes.

  24. hoffmannsk8 says:

    FAG, GAY Realy sad…´╗┐ -.-

  25. Brandon Caceres says:


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