Mike Klingler Disses Jonathan Budd? How To Be A Better Leader Than Both Of Them

www.UpscaleNetworker.com Did Renegade Professional’s Mike Klingler blantantly diss Jonathan Budd and his Get Traffic 3.0 program?! Upscale Networker’s maverick CEO, bestselling author, and renegade entrepreneur Harkon Ajala breaks down the story straight up and with NO BS, and reveals how to use Budd and Klingler’s battle to become a better home business leader than both of them…
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  1. larrydennis45 says:

    Awesome Video Brotha always lead with value thx a milly !!

  2. HarkonAjalaBBG says:

    Thanks for showing the leadership to say “thanks” Kaye! And I don’t mean that as just some b.s. fluff. So many entrepreneurs are so “me-centered” that they rarely take the time to give others props or praise. Thanks and stay in touch! As always.. Live Luxe Or Die! – Harkon Ajala

  3. HarkonAjalaBBG says:

    Hey, you already know this, but the fact you GOT it Mike and shared it with your network says everything that needs to be said about you as a leader brotha. Enjoy your week off with your children, talk to you next week…

  4. Empowered2P says:

    Hi Harkon, this one is great! I am sharing this and putting it in my “faves” file.

  5. Kaye Flack says:

    Really appreciate you are putting this video.. How empowering this video is. Its about being a true leader !! I agree with you about exceeding our teachers… we have always said that to our sons too..  Thanks for taking the lead and sharing in a way that is honoring both JB & Mike. That shows real leadership !!!

  6. MikeKlingler says:

    Great message Harkon, though the title isn’t how I’d sum up what I ‘dissed’ – I spoke with Jonathan & over a dozen 7-figure & 6 figure earners about my plans to take this stand weeks before… against what’s considered standard practices in online marketing that are damaging (I wasn’t aiming to criticize JB but instead, I used his practices as an Ex… I explain more at your fan pg in the comments section under this video at facebook). Again, your message is empowering and I’ll be sharing it.

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