MIKE (DILLARD’S) got me TOTALLY confused!!!!

www.mlmtrafficpro.com What Top Income Earners From Around The World Have To Say About The Coffee House Letter… “I joined the network marketing industry in 1998 and after a lot of trial and error, eventually went full-time and built a 0K+ per year income… the only problem was I was spending 8 – 10 hours a day on the phone prospecting, doing 3-way calls and training my organization. After 6 years of having to deal with adult children, monthly volume quotas and slaving for my commission checks, I was completely burned out! http When I was first introduced to the GPT concept through the Coffee House Letter, it just made sense. I already knew what it was like to slave away for peanuts and I was open enough to look at my options, just like you’re doing right now. I decided to join my first Top Tier program and with a very part-time effort and using a highly automated system, I made over 0K my first 90 days in the business and never looked back. Bottom line? EVERYONE needs to read the Coffee House Letter. ” – Brad Weinman www.mlmtrafficpro.com ——————————————————————————– “I am SHOCKED and excited! The frankness of the CHL woke me up to a reality that will quadruple my income in the next 6 months.” – Galen Kauffman ——————————————————————————– “After looking at different opportunities for several months, I realized that network marketing was what I wanted to be

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  1. curtmaly says:

    Great video! I justhad to leave a comment! Yep…GREAT!

  2. GaryGotnought says:

    Hey HALFWIT…sorry halflink you are right MD works with these guys but that is because it is an online COMMUNITY of like minded entrepreneurs. I see you are with MLSP as I am. If Mike and CCP were scams do you think Norbert, Brian and the other guys at MLSP would be top producers in CCP also? As for Mikes coffee house letter I just whish someone had shown me this earlier as it would have saved over 6 years of frustration and struggle.

  3. reviewsitedollars says:

    i will fail i this too im just a looser

  4. Roderifxgj says:

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    I like what i watched.

  5. evagray83 says:

    Love the style of this

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