Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group

www.elevationgroup.desirewealth.com Rare Webinar (Click here http to register) Reveals How To Create (Or Recover), Incredible Wealth During Today’s Economic Crisis for Ordinary People An Important Message For Anyone Who Wants To Create (Or Recover), Incredible Wealth During Today’s Economic Crisis. Visit theelevationgroup.net to Enter Your Information For A Free Ticket To Mike’s 90 Minute, How To Profit Like The Ultra-Rich, During Times Of Economic Chaos Presentation. You may have to watch the video again in order for the registration info to appear under Mike’s video.
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  1. ghtspace says:

    YouTube does not allow live links in video but the live link is clearly displayed under the video. Just click on the Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group link above and look under the thumbs up and down buttons for the live link for the webinar. I hope this helps

  2. TheDevilProtests says:

    Why don’t you just put the whole video on a web page? This webinar doesn’t seem to exist and neither does the registration

  3. ghtspace says:

    True. Mike Maloney is part of the group

  4. mokum777 says:

    Mike Maloney was saying all this years ago

  5. ghtspace says:

    You’re right but that’s only the beginning and Mike covers way more information than just precious metals. This information is so necessary right now and its nice to see somebody else waking up to the information. Once you become a member, make sure you sign up to become an affiliate for free (with membership) like I have and share the webinar with everybody you know

  6. sga86 says:

    Basically all the QE and the increase of the reserve (120%+ increase I believe) by the FED is slowly cycling into the market. Just because the banks are not loaning them out and gov’t keep changing CPI calculations is just hiding the fact of the massive inflation to come. So, according to you, if we are between #6 and #7, I’m guessing we need to diversify our investment into gold, silver, other precious metals and valuable commodities. I’ve signed up for this, let’s see how accurate I am.

  7. ghtspace says:

    That’s a great question. The clock is supposed to automatically read your local time but check your confirmation email because it should have the correct time. Thanks and please let me know what you think?

  8. sha2i says:

    i just singed up but the timing of this course based on us timing?

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