Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group **Review** Its RIDICULOUS!

Join Here: http://www.theelevationgroup.info/click.track?CID=142138&AFID=158217&ADID=435412&SID= What the financial world IS NOT TELLING YOU!!! My personal r…

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  1. Le Nguyen says:

    Do you guy know how much the membership cost $2000 a year. Sucks! Is it
    refundable? No, not after 30 days. For stock market, how the heck you can
    calculate the profit in just 30 days? The guy make 10 millions just with
    5000 members. And the marketing keep on and on and on because people keep
    canceling. Sure he can find 5000 new members during 365 days. man 10 mil a
    years that is a lot to live off but not from my money though

  2. jwka2001 says:

    fucking scam, dont even think about buying this shit

  3. Le Nguyen says:

    How much does Mike Dillar pay you?

  4. OnlineLifestyle says:

    This looks interesting thing of signing up on this memebership

  5. harry1pupualii says:

    awesome destimonial…thanks!

  6. jwka2001 says:

    he is a scam, mike dillard is a fucking scam. Look at the websites that
    give him ‘reviews’ and these youtube videos with glowing reviews,,,,, they
    are scams. Look at the videos they are all fucking scams. obvious scam is

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