Mike Dillard’s Boat Party!

www.betternetworker.com Here’s the video I shot for the boat party at Lake Travis. I had a great time cutting it because it brought me back, I think it captured the fun quite nicely. Hopefully it’ll give everyone a sense of being there. This video almost didn’t exist ’cause I missed the email notification, and I was so wrapped up in my business the last few weeks that it totally slipped my mind… Fast forward to Friday September 5th, the day before the trip, and I’m just chilling out at my place, checking my email, when I open up one from my friend Jonathan Budd. I hadn’t been reading his blasts much lately, but for some reason I opened it that day. So I read his looong email all the way to the BOTTOM when he finally mentions: “Just an FYI, I will be out of town for the next few days on business trip to Austin to hang out with some top internet marketers on a private boat party. If I uncover any of their secrets…I’ll share what I know! : )” HOLY CRAP!!! It’s 7pm and I’m scrambling to find a flight that’ll get me to Austin the next morning. I only have a few hours to transfer funds, book a hotel and flight, pack, get to the airport, AND get the trip details from Jonathan. After much gnashing of teeth I find a flight and show up at the downtown Hilton for the 11am bus ride. Running on little sleep and positive emotions, I get to hang out with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. It never fails to amaze me how awesome network marketers are. We got to hang out all day

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  1. MrNutsack101 says:

    If this party was cool…they would have a gangbang and film it!!!!!

  2. chazrockwell84 says:

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  3. halinint says:

    I don’t see any truly wealthy people.

    Just abunch of young wannabees.

    You can’t have any of my wealth!

  4. AshMaxTH says:

    dude, u really dont know wth ur talking about!

  5. RobertWeekes says:

    actually he rented the boat for us, and bought us dinner. cool guy.

  6. alanskyy says:

    Great stuff.

  7. ITeachLeaders says:

    Oh man waterproof camera! I’m game!

  8. UltimateProfitPlan says:

    Looks like one hell of a good time! love the drunken slide!!

    Keep on livin the internet lifestyle man…


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