Mike Dillard Review

Mike Dillard Review

Article by Okelley Mersereau

In my mike dillard Review I discuss how mike dillard changed the MLM marketing industry forever by introducing attraction marketing instead of chasing friends and family.

My first introduction to attractin marketing was when I received an email labeled ‘coffeehouse letter’ by mike dillard about how the old method of building a multi level marketing business is dead and attraction marketing for MLM lead generation is the way to build a successful MLM business now. It gave a new way of marketing that gets better results instead of pestering people in grocery store line ups.

Mike Dillard worked as a waiter in a restaurant while trying to build an MLM business on the side for several years, but with little to no success. Can we all relate to this?. MLM companies are the most available to build a residual income with because you can build it part time while still working a job full time.

When Mike compared his marketing techniques to the offline business community, he realized that attraction marketing was the key.

Magnetic Sponsoring

He has coined the phrase “become the hunted, not the hunter”. Developing a new system to build his empire, magnetic sponsoring became Mike Dillard’s dream.

Ok, now that you have the idea of attraction marketing and you have some leads, now what?

Well, some may think that you need to just call those leads and pitch their opportunity, but this is just not the case.

Remember, nobody likes to be sold something. That is the attraction and the power of the magnetic sponsoring system.

So you don’t want to call them and just pitch your business opportunity right off the bat. Know their problem and help solve it first. Be a leader first and work with where they are at in their lives.

Targeting people with a problem and offer them the solution.

Building a relationship with your prospect is most important, people helping people, not pitching them and selling. Would you rather sponsor 10,000 people who have no idea how to build a network marketing company or 10 people who have gotten results and know what the industry is about? I trust you understood that the second choice is better.

It is for this reason that mike dillard revolutionized the multi level marketing industry and using the method that took him from waiting tables to a 7 figure earner, he has helped people make lots of money from home with MLM home based business.

Is mike dillard the real deal?

Is mike dillard the real thing? Absolutely and unequivocally ‘yes’. Mike has given us all a new hope of attaining residual income when we struggled for so long chasing down family and friends with little to no success.

But the one thing that has made the difference is that it is not about us, it is about you who have been struggling to build your MLM business and are looking for an answer to generate MLM leads.

Mikes favorite saying is “Give without want, and in turn you will get!”

No traffic, no leads, and no leads, no business.

This all sounds contradictory to traditional business and in truth it is not. It is contradictory to the greed that usually accompanies a sales pitch, however, mike dillard has put the buyer first, not the seller.

The entire MLM community has given Mike Dillard’s ideas first place.

Several network marketing systems since Mike’s conception of this new mindset have been built on the idea of magnetic sponsoring. Mike has his own social network system called ‘BetterNetworker’ where members can join and share with each other.

Another system built on Mike Dillard’s magnetic sponsoring idea is My Lead System Pro, formally called MLM Lead System Pro. This is a training platform which teaches how to successfully manage MLM lead generation and create residual income not only from MLSP affiliates within the system, but also promotes your primary business for you.

It is this system, My Lead System Pro that has become the number one leading system in the industry for creating residual income based on Mike Dillard’s principles.

One must realize that copying anyone, including Mike Dillard, is not enough to build your own network marketing company though, you need to learn to brand yourself as a leader, market yourself online, and promote yourself. After all, it is your own business you are building.

Use the principles of attraction marketing and take appropriate action yourself to ensure the results you are looking for. MLM companies are perfect to make money using home based business but you still need one thing to have MLM success.

This is why even if you are promoting Mike Dillard’s magnetic sponsoring products, you still need one thing that you need to generate yourself.

You need to have a list.

This is a list of people looking to solve a problem they have and are ready to buy the solution to their problem. This is attraction marketing.

What will happen to you if you follow this plan? The possibility of being free from excessive meetings and trainings, and having your entire team of thousands of distributors focus only on the main thing: Recruiting.

To learn more about how you can have dramatic multi level marketing success, it’s important to learn everything you possibly can about MLM recruiting and MLM lead generation when you start your business. Visit the following link and learn more about building an MLM Lead System Pro business using this system.

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To learn more about how you can have dramatic success in your online business, using Mike Dillard’s secrets, it’s important to learn everything you possibly can about how to market online when you start your business. Visit the following link and learn more about building a business using this method from an industry expert Robert Dorsey.

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