Mike Dillard Review- What Is All The Hype About? (Raw Footage)

www.SponsorLikeTheMasters.com Hello there and thank you for taking the time to watch my video review of mike dillard and the concept of Funded Proposals. I hope my video has created clarity and a better understanding of how the whole online model works when incorporating a funded proposal system to generate upfront profits to continue funding your network marketing business. I recently made available my 7-Day training video series that takes you behind the scenes teaching you 7-simple strategies you can implement today and begin generating more leads and profits on demand. Go here to get Day-1 www.SponsorLikeTheMasters.com In Your Success, Matias Leiva

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  1. Sodomantis says:

    @LeivaMatias I have a buissniss plan that works a bit better then this. I find people on the internett with assets, then I map out there lives, before I do a home invasion and relive the client of their assets. Simple. Just remember to bring about 40 liters of lye per. body.

  2. MrUbeit says:

    OMG. This crap is still going on. Same Shit, different product. Don’t get suckered.

  3. Cyrus255 says:

    If you can get people to buy a product they don’t need (e-books, seminars, etc.) just imagine how much you could do selling a real product and help the world instead of leeching from it.

    Network marketing is just a fancy word for MLM schemes.

    It’s a circle. You want new customers to give you money so you can tell them how to make money. There’s nothing productive about it, and ultimately leaves thousands of people paying for something that gives them no value.

  4. Cyrus255 says:

    @LeivaMatias And all I REALLY meant to say is, why bother with non-productive lines of work, you seem perfectly capable of marketing real products and make more doing so.

    Heck, why not just steer people to marketing real products? There are plenty of affiliate programs and so forth. There’s no money in MLM and it entraps thousands of people. When you say “there’s no need to create your own product” etc, you’re inviting people to an unproductive lifestyle.

    There are no shortcuts in life.

  5. Cyrus255 says:

    @LeivaMatias No I didn’t fail at it.
    I live overseas and have not just one but multiple successful businesses.
    You’re a judgemental person to make such assumptions based on what videos I like to watch.

    Perhaps you have an agenda yourself in pushing your website. I was merely stating that you are not doing yourself or anyone else favors pushing this type of business model. It’s highly similar to MLM and other scams that entrap thousands of individuals in non-productive lines of work.

  6. LeivaMatias says:


    You seem like the typical individual that tried something online and failed at it, only because you didn’t have the necessary mental disciplines to make it work.

    Simply looking at your youtube channel, it speaks for itself.

    Best of luck to you and your thoughts!

  7. Cyrus255 says:

    No hit on you personally, you seem like a great fellow, but no one should feel proud doing this type of work. It creates no product or worthwhile service. Your “job” as you describe it, is to convince that traffic to pay you money to learn to do what you do which was trick them to pay you in the first place, knowing full well 90% of people won’t get anything of value out of it.

    Rather than be a leech on society, why not get a real job or investment.

  8. thehomebusinesspage says:

    Great video. Thought you did a great job explaining the system.

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