Mike Dillard Review- Understanding His Funded Proposal System

matiasleiva.com Hello and thank you for taking the time to watch my video. I’ve created a very specific review site that documents everything that you need to know about mike dillard before buying any of his products: matiasleiva.com In Your Success, Matias Leiva
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  1. MrLivePositive8 says:

    Want Freedom and Wealth?

    ctsfreedomandwealth . com

  2. MrLivePositive8 says:

    Want Freedom and Wealth?

    ctsfreedomandwealth . com

  3. ben smith says:

    you a sin of bitch.you r the product of ur mamma and her brother,for u talk about someone u dont know makes u a loosing bastard!please come to my zipcode u fuck!leave ur whore ass mamma home..

  4. ilowboy1 says:

    Wow you can draw flowcharts! Yeah very simple, to sell people general information that doesn’t really tell one the details one needs in order to make money. But who cares, most people won’t fight back to try and get their $7 once they found out they bought into non useful info

  5. yourinthetube says:

    Just another stink’n MLM. I thought this was a real data bank of information of wealth. How does getting knowledge for using the “Rich” people’s techniques turn into an MLM. I don’t think Donald Trump or any of the Roth-Child’s are doing MLM. Don’t you see that you’re just making Mike Dillard rich? I’ve seen this over and over and over again. Please make a video of the flaws and the things you don’t like about this system. Come on… tell the truth…

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