Mike Dillard Review ~ Does “Attraction Marketing” really work?

themlmspot.com mike dillard is a name that you may see all over the internet when it comes to MLM and internet marketing. To a new person coming onto the internet for the first time you may wonder if this guy is the real deal. If this is you, than we are a lot alike because when I first started internet marketing I was skeptical about Mike and his “Attraction Marketing” formula. I have tried my hand at internet marketing several different times, bought many different programs but never really found what I was looking for to help build my MLM business. Several years ago while marketing online I decided to buy one of Mike’s programs because he seemed to be everywhere and I wanted to see what he was all about. I was blown away with the value that Mike provided in his training and immediately bought his next program “Magnetic Sponsoring” which followed with the same great value. I had finally understood what this “Attraction Marketing” stuff really meant and found someone who actually provided me with the practical “How-to’s” on building my MLM without all of the “fluff” and “hype” that I was used to seeing. Since finding mike dillard I have realized the power of VALUE based marketing and building industry relationships before asking someone to buy. Mike has provided me with the fundamentals necessary for success in the MLM industry and I highly recommend him and his products!
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