Mike Dillard is a BLACK BELT (MLM training)

Take the free course at: LazyLeads.blackbeltrecruiting.com (Mike Dillard) (Black Belt Recruiting) So you can learn how to sponsor 20 new reps a month. Your up line won’t tell you the truth. It’s not easy to make money in MLM. You need a strong lead generation system and a good recruiting strategy. This Video Is By Mike Dillard. He Is The Number 1 Trainer In The network marketing Industry. mike dillard Is Also The Author Of Magnetic Sponsoring, MLM Traffic Formula, Building On A Budget, And MLM System Formula. He Has Also Created Courses With Tim Erway And Tom Bell. In this program he teams up with Mark Wieser who is his first mentor and also a very successful network marketing recruiter. You will learn how to position yourself as a leader and specific strategies to make calling reps easy. Get The Free 60 Minute Video Here LazyLeads.blackbeltrecruiting.com This course is perfect for any home based business owner or networking company like acn, ytb, mary kay, 1CellNet, 2by2.net, 4Life Research, 5LINX, Abundant Health Ltd Abunza, Acai Plus, Acceris Communications, Achievers Unlimited, Global Health Trax Global Resorts Network, GNLD INTERNATIONAL, Gold Canyon Candle Co GOLDEN NEO-LIFE-DIAMITE, Golden Pride International, Goldshield Elite GOURMET COFFEE CLUB (THE), Green Mountain Energy, Greenwood Health Systems, GT Trends, Habitude International, Sendoutcards, Happy Gardener, Harvest America If your looking to grow your business then subscribe to my channel. I will continue
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  1. Climb2win says:

    I am the worst recruiter ever and I just put over 60 new people into my downline last month  without talking to a single person using The Instant Downline. Check out the link in my channel.

  2. chazrockwell84 says:

    My ex-wife told me I would never make it in MLM I proved her wrong… even though I suck at recruiting using this WordPress plugin changed everything for me! Check out my channel for the link.

  3. WPMLM says:

    I just launched my forced matrix MLM recruting plugin for WordPress which allows you to build a sales team for any online business using a forced matrix recruting system. I am looking for leaders in the industry to review WP-MLM and participate in revenue share from ClickBank product sales. Check out my channel link and let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

  4. mikesmith694 says:

    GO MIKE!!!

  5. usamarketer1 says:

    Hi, if youre open to an opportunity that can put an extra $100.00 in your pocket whenever ANYONE on your team makes a sale. Then please go to my channel and checkout my video. Once completed please go to my website to get the full details. Be SMART and checkout the full website. Online Marketers are joining fast, while still working their main Business as they earn some extra cash for themselves.

    If youre a team player Call today & lets talk.
    John Lange

  6. mambocitasi says:

    how do i listen /see the intervew?

  7. WhatNexTV says:

    Mike Dillard you rock! thanks for all your tips and advice

    sharon caldwell

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