Mike Dillard & His Magnetic Sponsoring Products

renegadeuniversity.com mike dillard has several products for network marketers which teach methods for attracting prospects to your business. Most are excellent, but additional training may be required. Which ones are for you?
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  1. WeSellHemp says:

    great video

  2. bon1bon says:

    thank you

  3. kurthenninger says:

    Ahh yes, they ARE excellent products as you point out, but really, as with any other course, they are only as good as how people use them.

    Which is your favorite MS training?

    Kurt Henninger

  4. conniethen says:

    It’s all about posturing. This video was great. If you are looking to make money online and want low startup,great training and unbeatable pay plan.
    Take a look at my channel. So ez, even newbies can make $1000 their first week.

    All the Best.

  5. caymxxx says:

    His methods are effective, just to the very few out there that really want change in their life not just the MONEY!!! If anyone thinks they’ve been scammed or rippoff or such then that all their own fault!

    thank you Mr. D for your guidance!!


  6. MarketingMerge says:

    I’m so glad that this video has been helpful – with so much great training out there, I know I’m appreciating more and more when someone shows me exactly what I can expect for my money!

  7. jcorona7 says:

    Thanks so much Barbara……..you helped re-affirm that I made the right decisions in purchasing both Ann’s and Mike’s foundational (core) programs.


    John Corona

  8. julio solla says:

    thanxs for the great advice!

  9. jerryellefson says:

    Great advice. I have all of Mike’s stuff that you discussed and also Ann Seigs

    Thanks for the presentation1

  10. st762410 says:

    good stuff. thank you.

  11. oscargomezz says:

    Normally i don’t like to wait. When i like a product y buy the on-line version and i print it @ Kinkos and start right away. Great feedback Barbara!

  12. silvalinings says:

    Thanks, Christian and Prestbury. I appreciate the feedback — I like the fact that Mike Dillard’s stuff comes in a physical form – the convenience of immediate access to downloadable products is great, but holding it in your hands makes it easier to go back and underline, reference, etc. I need to keep that in mind for my own products.


  13. prestbury47 says:

    Excellent overview Barbara. As someone who has recently been introduced to Mike Dillard’s material I found your video very accurate.

  14. TrafficGeyserMentor says:

    Mike Dillard’s Courses are Great!

    Awesome Video!


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