Mike Dillard exclusive in his Aston Martin

Recorded on June 01, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.

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  3. TheRealAlanToaca says:

    nice car..

    wish you continued success

  4. kurthenninger says:

    Excellent candid interview you did there. Great info your sharing. I like it.

    Kurt Henninger

  5. Brad2517 says:


  6. onlineprosperity101 says:

    Nice car!!!! No really this guy knows his stuff.

    Success to all-

  7. InternetIncomeMentor says:

    Awesome, love the content – come check out my DB9

  8. MaRikagnise says:

    Wow, great Video!! I love how we get to meet with Mike in a “non-official” everyday situation!!!! There is something Zen about him I appreciate : ) Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. FastTrakDirect says:

    Great interview with Mike,, Thanks Mike,, you have created more wealth than anyone I know personally,,thanks for your guidance.. Keep on sharing with us,,

    john david

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  12. NetGuruMillionaire says:

    Thank you for sharing this excellent Video.

  13. GameBredMarketer says:

    GREAT VIDEO!! Thanks for all the leadership that you offer to this WONDERFUL industry. See you at the TOP!

  14. marthameagher says:

    Michael, thanks for the great info, and JJ, thanks for being creative and jumping in the car and doing the interview with such a fabulous leader.

  15. BrettMiller2008 says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing this.

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