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  1. I’m from Malaysia. I love Mike Dillard’s & his talk. One of his best presentation i ever heard was “Magnetic Sponsoring”. That’s awesome. Have you ever listen to him….? If you can’t produce never blame anyone for your failure. Blame yourself… YOU take the responsibility and remember this..No where in the business industry you will be success if you start to point your finger’s to people. One finger you point to other’s and there is another 4 pointing back to you. YOU FAIL AND YOU ARE FIRED.

  2. On the contrary, Warren Buffett says that only jewelers and manufacturing industry have an interest in gold. He thinks that the current boom of tricking people into buying gold with stories about gold standards and how gold makes you safe from market downswings is nothing but a bubble, which will eventually burst. A typical bubble is where people buy just to sell it at a higher price to other fools, and that typically ends in a crash and loads of people going broke.

  3. Silver and especially gold are “supposed to be” inflation guages. But all they are is a way fro the criminals on Wall St to run the free money that was given to them by the criminals who have infiltrated our government. …mainly the Federal Reserve system. Do you want proof? Look at a 5 year chart of crude oil, which is actually a “true” inflation guage that the Wall St moneyrunners can’t manipulate as easily since it is driven by ‘actual” demand. Oil “shoulda” traded with gold this year

  4. Full of bullshit!!!…have some balls and show your face at least. Mike Dillard predicted in 2010 that an ounce of gold would be “soon’ at $56,000 ( that’s right… 56 grand ) and that you should better hurry!. hummmm…maybe it’s true that no one can see the future after all?

  5. Hi TheCaveManTucson, Gold value based on pure gold. Adding other much cheaper metals to products REDUCES the value. When the crunch comes, you cannot eat it, wear it to keep you warm, drink it, drive it or live in it!

  6. A monster box like the one in this video currently goes for around $15,000. Your point about hiding one’s face is totally valid.

  7. Gold products are not pure gold. they are often mixed with other metals to make them more durable. Gold is really soft… for a metal anyway… So the cost of the products goes down.

  8. Assuming each tube is a stack of 10 coins that are 1 oz each, he has $6,000 worth of silver on the table. I wouldn’t show my face either lol.

  9. Beach Bum Personally Sponsors over 450 reps in 9 months. See How he did it at NetworkMoneyMarketing DOT C O M

  10. Mike Dillard has put out his own financial product version like the company named ‘Wealth Masters International’. The company ‘Wealth Master International’ has been in business since 2005.

  11. If you’re truly wanting to purchase physical Gold & Silver at the Minters Cost, then please contact me here through YouTube. It’s simple and easy and I’ve been grateful to be a part of this company… Hope to hear from anyone who’s interested… Later, Lad… 🙂

  12. Thumbs up if you believe WWN is a scam. Thumbs up if you believe this person is one of Mike Ballard’s stooges.  Thumbs up if this you-tube post is an obvious and pathetic attempt to drown out legitimate criticisms of Mike Ballard and his WWN scam. Thumbs up if it is obvious to you that these scumbags are nothing buy lying con artists attempting to swindle gullible people out of their money.

  13. I’m part of the elevation group too. And yes, it’s the real deal. I met Mike and he changed my life for real. I feel sorry for those people who ignore the truth. Thanks for the video brother!

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