25 Replies to “Middle School Band Recruiting Video”

  1. how did you take off last part that included directors who made the video?
    I want to personalize it to my school?

  2. If i watched this i wouldnt wanna join a band. The vid is okay…. But one
    song in particular sucked … PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR?? :DD??? gross.

  3. I’m a flute girl! 😉 Band is most definitely a great program because it
    just gives you a sense of pride, knowing you can do something others can’t.
    But recently, they say that they’re canceling band for elementary students,
    and I’m against that! Poor kids! 🙁 Good video!

  4. Middle school band is not the only band that helps in education there is
    High School band which I will be going into next year.

  5. great idea for a video! only concern is that not all the instruments of a
    standard band were shown. I beleive it’s fair to have the percussion, bsn,
    oboe, etc played for the students to pick unbiasedly.

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