Middle School Band Recruiting Video

This video was designed to inform and excite 5th grade students about joining a middle school band program.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Frankie Viveros says:

    That’s why they are called band geeks

  2. susannabirge says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I was looking for a short recruiting video to show to
    my band. This is perfect.

  3. allan le says:

    for montevideo

  4. sorariku4evr says:

    ^^ our band teacher showed us this in class yesterday! awesome job! PS- GO

  5. Paul Hogue says:

    There is no way to edit it (that I know of). I just stopped it before it
    got to the last part.

  6. marthwert says:

    @bbbbbbb399 i say you create your own band!

  7. Jessie Bruce says:

    that’s bull. i was in band for seven years and sucked at math.

  8. theguitarstrumpet says:

    1:12 Go Mr. Riojas

  9. Jeff Dunn says:

    Alto/Tenner sax ftw

  10. MegaSousaphone says:

    go sousaphone which it tuba

  11. allan le says:

    hey im in the 6th grade band

  12. metalica3345 says:

    Lets go French horn!!!

  13. TheDragonmaster18 says:

    its all about the percussion section baby. cause without the drumline the
    band cant do nothing


    how did you take off last part that included directors who made the video?
    I want to personalize it to my school?

  15. SmittenandBitten says:

    If i watched this i wouldnt wanna join a band. The vid is okay…. But one
    song in particular sucked … PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR?? :DD??? gross.

  16. Keeley Phillips says:

    Flutes Rock

  17. tromboneteen13 says:

    I liked this. I heard on the news that they may take music out of
    elementary schools. So wrong!!!

  18. angel13beagle13 says:

    I’m a flute girl! 😉 Band is most definitely a great program because it
    just gives you a sense of pride, knowing you can do something others can’t.
    But recently, they say that they’re canceling band for elementary students,
    and I’m against that! Poor kids! 🙁 Good video!

  19. Connor Kokora says:

    Band is easily the most fun activity I have ever participated in.

  20. Paul Hogue says:

    I used this video last year and got my biggest beginner class ever. We’ll
    see how it works this year.

  21. sunshine10115 says:

    alto sax girl here all the way

  22. mytilludie says:


  23. Kaitlyn White says:

    Middle school band is not the only band that helps in education there is
    High School band which I will be going into next year.

  24. andreaargentina1 says:

    great idea for a video! only concern is that not all the instruments of a
    standard band were shown. I beleive it’s fair to have the percussion, bsn,
    oboe, etc played for the students to pick unbiasedly.

  25. Kaitlyn White says:

    I think that it would be great for my band director to show this to my
    middle school band

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