Miami 2012 Recruiting Video

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  1. a3ddj says:

    This is the next generation of Champions repping the “U”. Look around the NFL impact players are from the “U” no question!!! Canes Forever.

  2. MrKyleSchick says:

    man those top defensive recruits sure stepped up this last year.

  3. George Washington says:

    a quick google search will land you the answer

  4. yankeesfan630 says:

    What happened to Jean-Louis? Isn’t he coming this year now?

  5. APBRadial says:

    Duke Johnson, my god.

  6. CanesGatorsDucks says:

    i know, i just never thought i’d see the day lol

  7. Shawn Rounds says:

    A healthy debate never hurt anybody man…we all love the game…we not on scholarship or making money..ololol its what makes the rivalry fun and sports fun

  8. CanesGatorsDucks says:

    OMG an actual conversation about FSU and The U not turning into an argument lol

  9. achilles Campbell says:

    Lets go hurricanes

  10. Shawn Rounds says:

    I don’t know…I still say lets see what happens on the field…

    Both teams still seem to be finding their way…

  11. pashaun Pride says:

    True but they have that #1 QB out of Alabama .. Jameis Winston

  12. Shawn Rounds says:

    Lets see what happens on the field mane…Miami is coming…

    News flash E.J. manuel still needs work

  13. pashaun Pride says:

    Still Aint Gone Beat FSU

  14. number940 . says:

    They all played each other in hight school now they go to the same collega

  15. MrKyleSchick says:


  16. Brian Dempsey says:

    The U — We Don’t Play [naaaah]

  17. KBiggins92 says:

    yea he was apart of the 2011 class though

  18. Toddythetiger22 says:

    Isn’t Corey King DT from there too???


    I like this recruiting class that Miami got this year!!!!! STealing players from VT and UF is just telling you something that despite having a down year and still waiting on the NCAA Investigations its a pretty good class!!!!! Ill have my video tonight Go Canes

  20. KBiggins92 says:

    Shouts out my dawgs Jawand Blue and Robert Lockhart, products of West Boca High School

  21. cheyennelax says:

    This video is AMAZING!!! It gave me chills! I cant wait for the year to start! Class 2012 going t bring the National Championship back to Miami! GOLDEN ERA!!

  22. STLCategory5cane says:

    sweet vid Gus. love your work. keep em comin.

  23. Toddythetiger22 says:

    LOVE IT BRUTHA!!!!! []_[]!!!

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