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After a year of dedication, hard work, and struggling to get this off the ground, this day is finally here and I’m able to launch this. I encourage you to read all of the Kickstarter page, it gives you a much better idea of what this project is and what it sets out to do. Thank you sincerely for all of your support guys, it means so much to me and it’s nothing short of invigorating. KICKSTARTER LINK www.kickstarter.com HELP SUPPORT US Even if you have no intention of donating, spreading this around to your friends and family and supporting it on social networking sites is absolutely crucial to this project’s success. www.twitter.com www.facebook.com
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  1. SonicTheAk says:

    please all donate! his movies gonna be awusum c:

  2. 2dreiter says:

    This has over 9,000 views. This project needs your support now—only 9 days left to reach the goal or this movie will receive none of the funding he’s trying to raise. If less than 1/4 of those viewers backed the project with only $5, he could make this movie. C’mon people–where’s the support? Let’s make a movie!

  3. BlueL1nk07 says:

    After reading your BEN story, watching the Youtube videos, and showing my friends, we made a page on FaceBook about BEN called “Zelda Majoras Mask Ben.” You should check it out.

  4. KylieDeeTastic says:

    No.. seriously. ijustwantyouinmybed.

  5. TBEMason says:

    You sir, have scared the shit out of me with that Jadusable story.
    I love you.

  6. zwiefmann says:

    yeah econamy sucks….and im 12………

  7. Ventus976 says:

    I wish you luck man. You’ve been amazing at creating stories, so I’m looking forward to seeing this.

  8. ryoluver15 says:

    cant wait! i’m a thorough fan and im just now hearin about all this and i’m really excited for this! i will be keeping my eye on this account and the Moral project!

  9. esrevernillort says:

    This video is canon.

  10. TheInunah says:

    Haunted Cartridge arc is arc 1. It’s finished. What you’re waiting for is the hubris game.

  11. Astrodude55 says:

    I’m a bit out-of-the-loop here, so if I could get a bit of information about it, I’d like that.

    I know you’ve been working on this for quite a bit, but when will the Haunted Cartidge Arc be a finished project? I joined the ARG a week after HBISREAL was released, but is there anything else that will come from that or am I wasting my time on waiting for something to come up?

  12. licota11 says:

    He said a new vid tonight tomorrow

  13. PerseusLP says:

    no shit, sherlock!

  14. BlinktheBlueLink says:

    All in the sake of comedy my good friend. It has nothing to do with it, but the startoff seems to be like it would be what he’s creating.
    If I went too far, hit the thumbs down button. It’s simple Youtube. Learn the works.

  15. luckjes112 says:

    What about a sequel, A good one (the other sequels suck)

  16. VampEtiquette says:

    Um, What? What the hell does Kony have to do with this? He’s promoting his own movie.

  17. PowerOfFail says:

    Real name Alex D Hall
    Jadusable was just the character from the ben drowned story, not his real name

  18. bagelragel says:

    What the hell is he talking about?

  19. SilverDusk1 says:


  20. dlandrso says:

    Nice try BEN, but im not investing into your haunted movie possession project.
    but seriously why did you destroy the integrity of your story, other than for shameless self promotion (I dont blame you at all by the way, just yanking your chain)
    regardless good job on the story, i was truly afraid to watch free.wmv.
    I wish you the best on your project, wish i could help

  21. xElectricZzGaming says:

    Am i the only one who thought it was pronouned “jausable”? like jaws-able?

  22. xElectricZzGaming says:


  23. mjcabooseblu says:

    Good gracious, your sultry tones have me all a-fluster! How could I refuse such a man?

  24. PerseusLP says:

    720p has met a terrible fate.

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