Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – First impression gameplay (1080p)

This video shows you a first impression of the HD collection of Metal Gear Solid. The remake of Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater is now playable on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Of course all…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Christian Rowbotham says:

    Can i still Play peace walker if i dont have a psp?

  2. Jagger Rai says:

    should i get this or the witcher 2, i know their completely different games
    but i can only afford one

  3. MrKvittot says:

    is the camira in this snake eater like the one in 4?

  4. Triple-Dx3 says:

    I’m thinking about getting this game next week. But idk if I should get
    these 3 or Metal gear Rising, cause I never played the full version of

  5. RB Gamer says:

    I played MGS3 in hd, yes i downloaded from PSN. It’s pretty cool,
    especially the cutscenes… They look like ps3 visuals

  6. Cgrrp says:

    Although MGS3 for the 3DS has updated gameplay (you can crouch walk, move
    and shoot and everything) also the 3D looks really nice. Of course you do
    have to aim with ABYX which is kinda weird at first but it’s like Peace
    Walker on the PSP.

  7. SolidSnake013Duds says:

    Whats the name of the song in the Ad?

  8. Alvise Vio says:

    @ZoominGames in the xbox360 version there are the achievements: 50 x 1000 G
    for SoL & SE plus another 50 x 1000 G for PW

  9. sean harris says:

    Never liked peace walker but mgs 1-4 were amazing. I remember playing mgs1
    on ps1 and I was blown away by the gameplay. It surprises me how we have
    shit like COD on this gen consoles but on a console which was out over 10
    years ago we had mgs. Seems like the more powerful the systems are the
    weaker the games are!

  10. Kevin Sanchez says:

    ITS 60 FPS and in PS2 was only 30 fps.

  11. tysonrss says:

    You hate Mgs2 because of it’s top view camera lmao noob

  12. freshpri1 says:

    pretty sure dat an hd remastered game will still have da same controls

  13. Jdog5785 says:

    I know !! I try holding a guy up with an AK and accidently put a burst into
    his back.

  14. Mr69hammertime says:

    Pure awesomeness

  15. RB Gamer says:

    unfortunately yes 🙁 After playing mgs4… i miss the aim n shoot
    gameplay…. in mgs3 the controls feel broken now

  16. Zoomin.TV Games says:

    @matt78tv Sure just not in the Xbox 360 version 🙂

  17. silverbolt03 says:

    Is the controls still the same as the ps2 version or has it been give the
    mgs4 upgrade?

  18. Grumpier Faceman says:

    Is This Worth Getting For Xbox… I Do Like (love) Stealth Games…
    especially Tom Clancy Ones… Is There Any Online Type Modes.. Great If You
    Could Reply … Appreciate This Video, Shows Good Gameplay.

  19. tysonrss says:

    And what’s wrong with Peace Walker?

  20. TheShadowBrigade says:

    @silverbolt03 Same

  21. Unclekantus66 says:

    MGS peace walker doesn’t have actual iron sights?

  22. Linus Daniels says:

    Shut up its amazing game.

  23. Juan Pablo Correa-Morales says:

    @Chris62007 I don’t think mgs is really an xbox game but hey it’s fucking
    mgs what are you waiting for

  24. Nesmaniac says:

    I love it. Trophies are present right?

  25. raiden6662o says:

    wow… the textures look amazing.. and peace walker… crap that was
    amazing.. kan wait to play it…

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