Message from Anonymous: Operation Tennessee

Our Website: www.anonyops.com IRC irc.lc Our Facebook: www.facebook.com Our Twitter: twitter.com Mirror: www.dailymotion.com Press Release: anonyops.com To the people of Tennessee, We are Anonymous. Recently, your lawmakers have been attempting to pass a new bill. This bill would allow anyone to be punished for posting an image on the internet that might frighten, Intimidate, or cause emotional distress. The images that might be harmful to others are deemed as harassment. Those that are caught disobeying this law will either be sentenced to a year in jail, ordered to pay a fine, or receive a punishment of up to 30 hours of community service. This is clearly a bold attempt to crush our freedom of speech. All images that are posted on social networking sites must be able to be viewed by the district attorney. The bill also allows law enforcement to have the power to log files, images, or communications on any social networking sites operated by your ISP’s. By imposing this law, your lawmakers are denying your basic human rights. It is our obligation to defend the rights of others that we believe to be under threat. We, Anonymous, will take action against this bill. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. To the Lawmakers of Tennessee, Expect us.

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  1. mgmike576 says:

    This government are turning into Nazis.

  2. Jesuitfinder says:

    The mask is from the movie V for Vendetta. The man behind the mask represents a group of Roman Catholic assassins who attempted to blow up the Parliment building in England during the reign of King James. Who commissioned the assassins? Why the Jesuits of course. Who are the Jesuits you say? They are a worldwide band of nefarious criminals who are leading out on a diabolical plan to undermine all freedom everywhere and bring the whole world under the despotic rule of Mama.

  3. jerm1089 says:

    and thats where we come in ;D but you can still spread the word and wake people up to the corruption around you as well as online via twitter, youtube, etc everyone can help out no matter how big or small of an impact you make it is still an impact.

  4. hackthegibson1 says:

    We do not forget.

  5. InfamousDainton says:

    I have agoraphobia… I can’t do shit.

  6. MadTacoooo says:

    @kingcainjr why the fuck does it matter if its in hd? it’s still there and it still has a point.

  7. kingcainjr says:

    why don’t they upload in hd.

  8. TheAngryarchangel says:

    hey anonymous, how about giving us the names of the bastards that signed it in.

  9. TheAngryarchangel says:

    unfortunately, most tennesseeans don’t even know about this bill. dont be an idiot.

  10. iscommunity says:

    Why Anonymous does NOT support Whatis-theplan:

    – The site WITP asks for registration before content is viewable.
    – The site WITP does not allow TOR, our anonymous project.
    – The site WITP accepts direct paypal payments to their business account theplan@yahoo.com but Anonymous is at war with paypal, paypal deposited 1000+ IP’s to the FBI.
    – The site claims to have leaders and representatives. This is not anonymous.
    – The site has censored many of our friends and members. This is unacceptable.

  11. 53525252252 says:

    OH America!
    The beautiful laws, stocks, and economy. Trillions of dollars in debt!
    A country to be proud of!

  12. ShutUpAndOutNow says:

    there goes 4chan.

  13. ARFCguy says:

    Fuck me, right? This state is killing me.

  14. milwaukeemetro2100 says:

    I am a big fan for a lot of anonymous’s work i hope you do more about the Koch Brothers and that giant doche scott walker he has already cut my dads pay by 2000 bucks and putting it into the Koch brothers pockets

  15. SkyL2100 says:

    I ally you Anonymous. But cant terrorism trick you for info?

  16. lewisdt2 says:

    The bumper sticker law is in TCA 55-8-187

  17. MsSarahJ56 says:

    Are You F*ing Kidding Me?

    My boyfriend goes to this chat room when he IMOBs and there is this “bot” (i think) where all you have to do is put 2 !s in front of what you are saying and the bot searches for an image to match.. it is random and funny but also it will put Anything up there.
    I cant imagine a world where someone’s mom can walk in, get offended, and then have my lover arrested.
    That is bullshit. whats next; arrest for verbalizing something in public that may offend others?

  18. kitsune692smom says:

    I also just found a law that was passed recently that fines you or arrests you for having “offensive” bumper stickers on your car. I do vote for the seemingly sane politicians, but I am so outnumbered. It’s disheartening.

  19. noirsolaris says:

    can anybody link me to this bill on opencongress?

  20. euheide says:

    anyone can be frightened, intimidated or suffer emotional distress from just about any image on the internet. It doesn’t make any sense and it’s completely subjective so it’s a complete joke and a tool to criminalize anyone at will

  21. euheide says:

    This bill is anticonstitutional

  22. euheide says:

    Notice how politicians step on the 1st amendment to attack civilians for just posting a picture, but they don’t attack the rating agencies who abusively use the 1st amendment to lie cheat and steal and cause world economic crisis and even aggravate them all for their own profit . Notice how biased politicians are regarding to Constitution and laws. Notice how real constitutional rights are being raped while abuses of constitutional rights (use of 1st amendment for rating) are turned a blind eye.

  23. euheide says:

    If that is a democracy, then I’m Santa Claus.

    A law which wages unjustified aggression against the people is a criminal law and those who voted for a law that oppresses the people and freedom of speech are criminals and should be punished. Also, besides being completely over the top by terrorizing anyone who wants to post a picture on the internet with imprisonment, with this bill, anyone can be jailed because it is completely subjective besides being easy to frame anyone. It’s a dictatorship.

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