Membership List Traffic and Multiple streams of traffic for your website

Lesson #4 of 8: Valuable Traffic and sleeping well

SO are you thinking, how do I come up with my own product in one night? (after reading yesterdays email (included below!)

As I alluded to, it is not something that has to be epic, but something of value.

As I was reminded through some audio’s I was listening to on my ride today.  It doesn’t have to be good…

…It has to be good enough!

You can Take Action, Revise Later (TARL!)

When you get things moving you put yourself above the rest, who sit there and wait for something to magically happen.

I am not going to sugarcoat anything for your here as this is never going to happen!

You need to put effort in and today we want to talk about how you can do that and get the most valuable traffic…and sleep well at the same time.

Now the latter above is the important one, as I still put in many a late night these days, but it is getting better.

Before I forget though, I just had someone sign up for Daegan Smith’s Online Traffic Revolution Webinar as apparently it is still up.

You might want to try to see if you can check out the whole thing yourself as I am giving you my take on his webinar with this series of 8 lessons over the next few days.

Anyways…..Lesson #4 deals with the Best Traffic and how you can sleep well at night.

Now assuming you have put some effort in towards lessons, 1-3, you may have some leads already coming into your website.

You want more though so do not lost track of what we learned the other day (again, see below for the previous emails in case you missed them)

Lesson 4 is actually broken down into two parts

4A) The best traffic comes from your own list: This is also your most valuable traffic.

Suppose for a minute you have a list you have been sharing quality content with for a while.

When you get your report going, who do you think will be the most receptive at checking it out for you first….Your list of course.

Suppose you find a product (That you own of course) that you want to promote or even better yet, endorse, then your list is the group that will be the warmest to test out.

For example, I told you last week about the Traffic Generation Club that I am a member of and offered you a Silver level membership with.

I had 20 people from my list take me up on that within a few days.  Before I started taking Daegan’s course, I might not have had 20 people sign up in a whole year.

The magic is starting to work with me for sure.

Because I bust my tail to make sure it does!

If you missed last weeks emails, make sure you check out the traffic generation club, which features audio, video and pdf from the mastermind group of Ewen Chia, Robert Puddy, Mark Joyner, Michael Cheney and many more.

Now there was some confusion (short info then we will get to Lesson 4B) for those signing up so hopefully this will clear the air and make sure you get in correctly.

When you sign up you will see a special offer, which I highly suggest you pick up to help you run your business.

After this or if you decide not to pick it up, when you click on the “no Thanks’ link, you will then be able to register for the complimentary Silver level membership which retails at $27, but I am giving to your as a bonus for being a subscriber of mine.

Back to the lesson!

so on top of keeping your own list satisfied, you want to make sure you do it from everywhere.

Now what do I mean from this?

something you may have heard before, where you are able to tap into as many avenues of traffic as possible…

…Multiple streams of income!

That is right, Lesson 4B states that “multiple streams of traffic make you sleep well at night!

What exactly does this mean.

It is kind of like investment philosophy where you do not put all your eggs into one basket.

The same holds true for generating traffic online and offline.

Do not rely on any one source of traffic!

If you only have one source and it fails, or gets blocked or shut down, you are screwed.

You may have heard of people being Google Slapped before and there accounts were shut down without warning.


Time to start over again.

The do or die situation just went south!

You mist diversify in order to continue to grow!

Whether you are talking a stock portfolio or traffic generation, you need to do the same.

Have multiple avenues to balance out your chances should something bad happen.

In addition to these, Daegan Smith mentioned some crazy statistics in regards to email!

He tries to email his list at least twice a day!

Being in contact with someone more often has kept them wanting more and waiting for that next email.

He said his traffic doubled and then tripled with this happening!

You might think it would do the opposite, but no!

The guy has it figured out!

So to wrap it up and give you a little assignment to work on for tomorrow!

Come up with a list of 5 (small) sites/ways you can diversify your traffic and put your thoughts into actions by getting some of this traffic to flow to you.

Some suggestions might be blog/forum comments, article writing etc.

Once you have the list, go do something on each one of these that you mentioned and start building a back links to your site.

Hint…If you can find .edu, .org etc., blogs they have been found to hold more weight to the search engines and will have good value sending the link back to you.

When you get your message from me tomorrow…You will learn where we find the right buyers!

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