Melvins (with Mike Dillard guesting!!) walk off stage @ The Commodore August 19th 2013

A guy threw a (plastic) pint glass at Buzzo, so the band walked. Amazing show before that though! Might have even been the best I’ve seen them. mike dillard
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  1. Christian Reject says:

    Big fucking baby.

  2. grandulon says:

    whoever threw it needs a couple bottles smashed on their face

  3. P0nybon says:

    another person that can’t handle that they don’t have the creativity to play music for a living. Real funny, throw a bottle, guess what, joke is on you. Now everyone in town will be looking to kick the shit out of you.

  4. Chris MacDowell says:

    If something is randomly thrown onstage, then whatever, but that looked like a well aimed, purely intentional shot. I think any of you would have had the same reaction. Why the fuck would you waste your time and money to go to a show just throw shit at the band? Seems pretty fucking dumb to me. “But herp derp, iz fun-e uz fug, herp derp”

  5. Krapvag says:

    melvins have been touring 30 years you twats, I think they’ve had one too many objects thrown at them to laugh it off. You might think that makes him gay, but then you haven’t been touring for 30 years so fuck you anyway

  6. dustin goudeau says:

    I wouldn’t have expected Buzzo to react so badly since he seems pretty chilled out about almost everything that pisses off most rock stars.

    But yes, fuck anyone who throws anything at a band. What the fuck is it with these people? I’ve been to three shows where a band has walked off early due to idiots in the crowd.

  7. theycalledmebob says:

    NEVER MIND i should start reading descriptions

  8. theycalledmebob says:

    was it a plastic bottle?

  9. wilson blauheuer says:

    Is that him -= the  vocalist?

  10. wilson blauheuer says:

    Did dale crover get a haircut? I didn’t recognize him.

  11. Mr.CustodialArts says:

    You let ONE bottle hit you on stage, you BETTER be prepared for the whole CASE. Anyone who knows The Melvins knows this shit don’t fly. Dumb.

  12. gudigadi says:

    is that Axl Rose?

  13. ivan navi says:

    what a buzzkill

  14. jesus christgau says:

    i guess everyone defending the cup thrower won’t mind if i show up to your job and throw beer at you? loljk none of you have jobs.

  15. uc1hamadara13 says:

    I thought i was the only person who says that shit lmfao

  16. TheZnjora says:

    This is happening way too often.Seems that a lot of people in this community need to grow up.

  17. SleepFan771 says:

    Yeah, he might have just been upset and didn’t even want to handle that situation. Who knows? After playing for years I’m assuming you don’t have a high tolerance for bullshit. Look at Mustaine yelling at people all the time… he’s crazy but sometimes has a point about crowds.

  18. SleepFan771 says:

    I get what your saying too, man. I respect your opinion I was just trying to say we should respect Buzz’s decision, and cut him some slack with this. I tried to put myself in his position. I was rather upset about this reading the story. That guy that threw the bottle was an idiot that ended up ruining the show, and I do feel bad for everyone else there. Peace.

  19. Jon says:

    Okay Melvins fans. Yes he is Buzzo and yes he deserves respect. But to end everyone’s nights because of the actions of one belligerent retard?.. I’d say he let the belligerent retard win that one.

  20. Jeff Keeton says:

    That was so fucking dumb. Throwing a bottle at buzzo. What be SHOULD have done was throw a brick at that fag dancing. Either way, not a reason to walk off stage. Grow a dick buzzo. It was plastic

  21. lolatmyaccounts says:

    There are punk singers who get punched, kicked and have glass bottles smashed off their head and the worst they do is stop singing for a moment to pick the bottle up and throw it back.

    He had a plastic cup thrown off his chest and he stormed off the stage like an angry toddler who couldn’t get his own way.

  22. lolatmyaccounts says:

    What a big, sniveling baby.

  23. Astronomy Domine says:

    Poor Buzz the guy deserves all the respect in the world, and what does he get? A fucking glass in the chest.

  24. Fsxace999 says:

    Shit I missed this show because it was 19+ and this is what ended up happening, total bummer that this happened, they might just skip vancouver next tour now :^(

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