Melted Catalytic Converter

This is what happens when a cheap cat and extreme heat meet. I was told that the cat was a Dynomax but it looked very cheap. Could be, or couldn’t. Either way, this was on special an Jeg’s…
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  1. banstaman says:

    I suppose when you get a ticket, you were robbed. What about those high
    flow catalytic converters? Don’t those increase horsepower?

  2. 0xKeWLKaTx0 says:

    go play with your toy cars

  3. darkeyce02 says:

    @MrJsowa nah, cars gain power with less restrictive air flow… my truck
    has more torque and acceleration since ive taken mine out.

  4. darkeyce02 says:

    @MrJsowa 4.3 s10

  5. oipbhakeld says:

    problem w/ cats is, the engine is made to run with them on. if you take
    them off, you dont get any more horsepower unless u retune your engine. its
    made to run w/ specific back pressure and o2 sensors are made to read pre
    cat exhaust and post cat exhaust

  6. darkeyce02 says:

    @TheDanish1988 wich increases horse power

  7. blueblade455 says:

    Screw the enviroment! Catalytic converters rob horsepower! Ha haaaaa!

  8. MrJsowa says:

    @darkeyce02 what kinda truck? and did you throw any sort of tune at
    it?usually with a cat removed youll lose a lil low range torque,but yes you
    will gain a lil back at high revs

  9. bigtrucks44 says:

    that is only if you have 2 o2 sensors, I took the cat off of my 92 f-150
    and I actually got a few more horse out of it and saw a mileage increase,
    but it only has 1 sensor

  10. Stryker Carrnyge says:

    take that honeycomb out and put the cat back on

  11. Sterling Nobles says:

    I got stilliens high flow cats for my G and i replaced them twice cause
    they melted

  12. bmwrp8 says:

    looks like an overgrown sugar cube inside!suweeeeetttt

  13. Jonas says:

    usually no “retune” is necessary, just a re-positioning of the o2 sensors.
    and if you go turbo, itd be better to not stick with a cat of any type

  14. TheCaptainLulz says:

    cat for 50, the platinum in theres worth 25. take it to a scrap yard and
    get some money back.

  15. mmaaxx1198 says:

    I doubt the cheap cat has any metals in it but it might be worth while to
    get the platinum and palladium out of it if it does.

  16. dildertoy says:

    fuck the cat!

  17. ANEWLow Scam says:

    Just converter the car to electric and stop all this gas burning nonsense
    to begin with.

  18. blueblade455 says:

    Lucky you!

  19. ANEWLow Scam says:

    The closest thing I can get is a go kart with the whole money issue but
    right now I am putting together a new frame for it the acceleration is
    going to be BITCH! and I think people really apathetic about the whole

  20. MrJsowa says:

    @darkeyce02 no it will be a decrease

  21. rthom86 says:

    just knock all the stuff out of the cat and then weld it back into place.

  22. milehighmudduck says:

    Do you drive an electric car?

  23. TTooMM3311 says:

    Fuck the cat Straight pipe!!!

  24. 1996 red gt says:

    @0xKeWLKaTx0 just gut the cat and its impossible to tell without taking it

  25. Matthew Moore says:

    if they get hot enough you can shove a garden hose up your tail pipe and
    the guts in your cat will explode into little pieces. then you remove the
    pipe and dump em out. this works on packed mufflers too. like a thrush or
    flow master. just don’t let the water make it as high as the manifold. if
    that cracks your fucked. the older guys that remember the 70’s muscle car
    era know about this trick. it was very common back then for gutting

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