Meet the Amazing Demoman (TF2 Animation)

How much cheap whiskey can a Scot take? ~~Voice Actors~~ MuseTrigger (Scout and Medic) Druox (Soldier) —Follow me on Twitter— https://twitter.com/PieMations —Join the Steam group…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Piemations says:

    Merry Christmas! Here’s an 8 minute Meet the Amazing! Meet the Amazing
    Soldier is next, followed by the Pyro (or maybe some recreations of the Spy
    and Scout.) So don’t ask. Hope you love it! Soldier impersonator is a bit
    off but he’s still really talented

  2. CookiePaladin says:

    I hate custom voicing,like really.If you can make something out of original
    lines that would be interesting to watch,but when I hear some 15 y.o. guy’s
    voice from Soldier mouth it’s making me sad.

  3. 2BuckChuck says:

    excuse me but jokes are my trigger plz dont make jokes. check ur humor
    privilege you cis scum

  4. Little Sunflower says:

    do something different..
    Meet the Amazing Bonus Ducks!

  5. Nicholas Roberts says:

    was it me or my favorite part when he drank the gasoline.

  6. The Bluegirl says:

    I don’t understand why I didn’t watch this at the first place.. This is
    just so cool owo

    Nice voice acting btw

  7. Jessie Jones says:

    His eye patch was on wrong… Make the whole thing again.

  8. Ben Ma says:

    Gotta love this series! If you guys didnt know, meet the AMAZING series is
    a spin off of valves meet the series. This is done by piemations and he
    makes it pretty hilarious! Meet the Amazing Demoman (TF2 Animation):

  9. BLU Scout says:

    YO! That freakin’ scout’s a spy!

  10. kidrandom the kitty mage says:

    Hello my name is Rick, I’m pretty much the best person ever. I am better
    than all the faggots reading this. Any one who disagrees can go fuck
    themselves. There is no one better than me.
    I get straight A’s. I’m the quarterback of my football team. I’m loaded. My
    father owns an entire mall. I have a banging hot girlfriend, who just blew
    me. (Shit was so cash.)
    There is no way on Gods green earth you are better than me.

  11. Chase Riggs says:

    ▂▄▅ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ ██▅▃▂ Civil War has begun! Help Bob win the war
    I███████████████████] against Google+! Copy & Paste
    YouTube is not lost, together we can change it!

  12. Reinaldo Ivan Foitzick Vargas says:

    Dude I really recommend you to keep working with Musetrigger. That voice
    acting was spot on. Specially the Scout. It almost sounded exactly like the
    original! But Druox REALLY was a asshole by paying you 50$ for a line that
    was horribly recorded with bad mic quality and bad acting (he sounded more
    like Saxton Hale man.) when in The Wishmaker for example he really did an
    awesome work.

  13. Nick Johnson says:

    I dont really get how the team is scared of some be-heading. Come on, the
    soldier (which is weird because the soldier started the no beer thing) and
    the demo blow people to bits, whats worss? But I like the video anyway, no
    hate! ♡

  14. houndour the spy derped says:

    Were Wanted soldier in the next Amazing At the Amazing Engine were all for
    soldier but than you fucking made demoman you fucking idiot

  15. Ryan McCool says:

    i love how they interact more XD

  16. Porkchopcraftables Gaming says:

    Any plans to re-do meet the amazing scout?

  17. Nick Rella says:

    can someone tell me what do they say in: 0:50, 2:37, 2:49 and 7:11 i’m bad
    listening :P

  18. CobaltIngot says:

    Wait if MERASMUS haunted blu demos beer then how did red demos beer make
    blu demo go crazy

  19. Violent Synth says:

    the medic sounded more russian than german, and the soldier? no

  20. Nougat says:

    What? No joke about the demoman drinking a frying pan?
    Cause you can do that.
    In the game.
    It’s a thing.
    And might I say, it’s hilarious.

  21. Xemnas says:

    can i get demos face at 7:40 as a profile pic for steam?

  22. felipe aguilar says:

    Wasnt the demoman supose to have the patch in the left eye instead of the

  23. Sparky the Dog says:

    why soldier voice sounds like saxton hale voice ?

  24. Blake Jordan says:

    Best Part: 3:40

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