Meet Nick Vujicic – The Man with No Limbs

Are you going to finish strong? Amazing story of Nick Vujicic, born with no limbs, shows how overcoming obstacles is possible no matter what. Don’t let your circumstances dictate your life, overcome them and succeed.

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  1. seserenity lovett says:

    hes an inspiration and hes cute

  2. Bozo Kreso says:

    Yea he is. He acomplished so much. Still if you want to have an abortion it should be your right. Pro-choice

  3. Bozo Kreso says:

    Im pro-choice but I guess everybody can have their choice

  4. jon tomlinson says:

    i don’t give a shit if he had limbs or not it dose NOT matter
    Abortion is wrong
    that’s a real man

  5. adajuarez says:

    it made me cry..

  6. chrissyboutte says:

    it touched me. i really enjoyed watching these videos. it made me realize the things i take for granted everyday. i would love to see nick on a reality show soon!!! a gift from god…

  7. Bozo Kreso says:

    Abortion? Really? He was BORN without his limbs. They didnt know.

  8. Blessedme cRyo says:

    We must be thankful for his parents who chose to keep him despite of his condition. #NOTOABORTION

  9. Peter Horsfield says:

    Could you imagine being born with no arms and no legs? Would you give up… think what’s the point to life? Be amazed on how this man, born with no arms and no legs can make a big difference in his life and to yours. I would like to introduce you to this Extraordinary man..Mr. Nick Vujicic..his inspirational story and message of hope and overcoming adversities will bring tears to your eyes and touch your heart with joy..

    Information with Inspiration

  10. Son0fBinladen says:

    That speech would have sounded so cheesy if he wasn’t…you know….

  11. Son0fBinladen says:


  12. Son0fBinladen says:

    no seriously, it dopesnt look like he has one and i was just askin prik, ask ur mum? really…i fuked ur mum jokes, wtfs wrong with u, suc my ass mudafuka, or better yet, jump off a cliff…

  13. tarek307 says:

    YA, i’m sure he has one! i have one too, ask your mother..she’ll tell you!…dirt bag!

  14. power2pandas says:

    can someone recommend me a techno song with that rhythm? lol

  15. saxonsiphon says:

    Lol a torso fell down.

  16. jcbbulloch09 says:

    @SaintPipweed you high? Or are you just an asshole without a heart

  17. WhiskersMctabby says:

    why the hell are people asking if he has dick? he has more balls than a lot of people with limbs do, that’s what matters!

  18. Son0fBinladen says:

    Just one question…does he have a dick or able to have sex or somehing…
    i dont know, just someone tell me…how does that work?

  19. SainteX13 says:

    I wish I could be this guy

  20. Blindshot55 says:

    I wanna meet this guy

  21. alamak234 says:

    just one question… he has no limbs, but does he have a dick?

  22. XxPzPxX1 says:

    poor guy 🙁

  23. GamesTracker says:

    WoW Amazing video

  24. MsBieber171 says:

    I actually cried when I saw this . God bless you mate x

  25. Brandon Egenias says:

    just gave him an air hug

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