Meet L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador: Aimee Mullins

Meet our new brand ambassador Aimee Mullins – an athlete, model, actor and an activist for women and the next generation of prosthetics. We are proud to announce our work with Aimee is a TED Ads Worth Spreading winner! TED Ads Worth Spreading is an initiative to recognize and reward innovation, ingenuity, and intelligence in advertising. Learn more about our work with Aimee & TED: bit.ly Stay tuned for more from Aimee www.facebook.com/lorealparis See more from Aimee on our playlist at: bit.ly

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  1. GANGARENE says:


  2. TheCasey0912 says:

    Hi amiee i think your great and i am going to have a amputation of leg soon and yeah i just think ur amzing well done

  3. whiterabit09 says:

    loreal cannot borrow or buy Aimee Mullins inspiration or greatness, I suspect she also knows that this…..

  4. 9KoubA2 says:

    Very sad; Exploiting inspiring people to sell make up.

    You’re worth it because of who you are, not that you’re worth using L’Oreal’s products or whatever the subliminal message they’re trying to send.

  5. gaberoni20 says:

    Well done for L’Oreal Paris! This is way cool! and she’s definitely a pretty girl

  6. loocasduber says:

    They made a great choice with Aimee. She’s beautiful! She also seems like a really nice person. 🙂

  7. reneelaw62 says:

    This is awwwwsome! Hope it get to my FB wall! Pray its my grandgirl someday!

  8. putthecandleback says:

    So awesome!

  9. ADUB365 says:

    Lovely, just like Aimee.

  10. williamtheliar says:

    This is the ad of the decade. But there is something more important here, more relevant to the debate about beauty. It’s not that any one industry needs to bear blame for the pressure that women face. Instead, women control their own definition of beauty.

    That is a constructive, positive message with which to go forward.

    (Source: stephanielacava, via oldmanswag)

  11. stuart5150 says:

    This is a woman! she is beautiful and strong.

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