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  1. TheStrawberrycookies says:

    if I can create the reality I want , and if I got the power of the cosmos as you say then i want you to be always young and fresh and hilarious and funny as you were here. better said, you should become more beautiful and young day after day . If I can’t do that, then I can ‘t create the reality I want, for this is one thing that i really want. and not only 4 you, but for everyone.

  2. Pighood says:


  3. Kwodlibet says:

    Ehhh, the more of your videos I watch I cannot escape this conclusion- it all sounds so nice.. but it is so shallow and pathetic.

  4. kaden3345 says:

    People have way to much free time, nerd

  5. Wagoneer says:

    ***ALERT*** The FDA has recently announced that GeneWize is on their watch list for harmful side-effects such as the infamous Porpous-Tongue virus. In response, your favorite company TreeZymes is releasing TreeZymes Pine Tar for the low cost of $500 per dozen bottles! Please contact your TreeZyme upline or local TreeZyme representative to get your hands on this new magical drink – and don’t forget to purchase our inspirational cassettes!

  6. crosmandudelol says:

    who is owner of my space??

  7. Louiseevans222 says:

    i feel so like that aswell

  8. wise23rebel says:

    Earth to Katie…money has nothing to do with awaking to the cosmos or the divine unity…in ur case it has to do with selling ideas…just like preachers on tv sell mirical water, soap..ect….money comes from supply and demand…there is a great demand for answers but you my friends have not found them..!!! try not to measure your understanding by your success that is over achiving it Value….peace is not this worlds state of being…have u noticed or are u hidding from truth???

  9. AlanToaca says:

    I second that lol

  10. Renton1q says:

    You are a great person, your info is great an your very cute! 😀

  11. erod84 says:

    Good for you! we need more people like you in this world.

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